His Immense Desires




I came back from work so late, I quickly went to freshen up, I was damn hungry, I checked the time, it says 10:11pm.

Due to how late at night it was, I couldn't eat, it's gonna make me purge, I opted to go for fruits instead, I haven't felt so relaxed like I feel now.

It seems like all my hormones are working simultaneously, back when I was in Qatar, sometimes I do feel like my hormones are in overdrive.

It makes me fuzzy to the core. My mind went back to the money missing in the office, I really can't tell.

I didn't know if I should believe Mr Reynold, he has been the head of management, he ought to know the whereabouts of the money.

I can still remember vividly that very day, he didn't call me, No, he only emailed me, and according to what I asked some of the staffs there, they all swore with their life that he can't and won't do a thing like that.

If it wasn't him that frauded me of my money then who?, I hope to get clarifications of that money.

I am troubled not because of me, but because of how my father, The Emir, would react to this.

I don't want him to think that I stole the money, in as much as he trusts me so much, I don't want him to think that his trust for me, made me steal the money, because I feel he won't ever link it to me.

I don't want to ever be in a position of explaining how such huge amount of money went missing, he's an old man, and old people are so hard to convince.

They only believe what they want to believe. I wanted to dial his number, but on a second thought he might sense my worries, and force me into telling him what the problem is.

think I should just sleep it off, we will definitely find the thief. I ain't feeling sleepy tho,

Thirty minutes into watching the movie, my phone rang. I wondered who calls someone by this time of the night, I checked the

day I came back from Qatar, that he's gonna take me around, but this late?,

Also I did ask him for any relaxation club or place, just somewhere

to finish up what he wants to say, I just told him to come

took the apple on the table,and went on to eat it, I was about taking the Cherry

I stood up and went to door, peeped through, and

get to enter inside without much interrogations, they didn't question you right?, You

the interrogations from your so called bodyguards, you didn't let me speak, even after you picked

have been under their interrogations for the past eighteen minutes", Logan

him, I just kept looking at him, as he kept rambling, I told myself that when I go back to Qatar I

who talks just like him, I wondered how they would cope, if they

here, by this time of the night, I

your house this night, that you want to go somewhere to chill, that's

alright, let me go change, for the delay, it's actually your fault you would

he isn't okay with


house, everywhere was dark except from the street lights which

here don't like sleeping with their lights on, if it's in Qatar, all their lights will be on

pretty girl stayed

Logan staring at the house, why he was doing that I don't know, I

undressing, I saw her coming out of the bathroom, she

she walked to her drawers

almost forgot that Logan was watching,

to view a vulnerable lady

not what you're thinking but she is damnn!!!, I think I'll be coming by this time daily", he

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