His Immense Desires




As much as I had planned to act cool, this isn't what I had expected, I never planned or budgeted seeing this other part of him.

I guess it's too late to show him the mail, as much as I wanted to do that, I know it's too late to do that now.

He definitely would give me a hard fuck, as much as I am not ready to take that, I also don't want to get any beating from him.

I told myself that he can't best me, but on the other hand I have never seen him as furious as this.

The Khalid I know, is the ever smiling type of Khalid, the perfect guy for an imperfect lady like me.

I thought that whatever had made him to act as mad as this, should better let go of him.

I stood on the spot, I was still trying to process what he said.

"Don't you fucking hear me, I fucking said I want that jumpsuit ripped apart, I don't want it removed, I want it ripped.

I fucking paid for your body, I paid for everything, I paid for your breast, your vagina, your clit, your thighs, your everything.

And you know what, I am going to make use of all of them brutally, you know why?", He asked me.

I didn't respond, I only kept calm, I was afraid. I didn't know how it happened until I heard a heavy smack across my left chin.

I looked up, he slapped meeeee!!!!!!!. I was numb to the pains, there was no pain hurting me apart from the pain in my heart.

I hate to admit, that I really love him, with everything in me, I do love him.

"Didn't you just heard what I asked you, or have you become deaf and dumb, don't fucking make me loose it, don't do that.

I'm going to repeat myself again,do you know why I am gonna make use of your sluttish body ruthlessly and brutally?, He repeated for the second time.

know", I replied him, I was trying to muffle my sobs, but my

away, but

your body is accustomed to being brutally taken, I ain't doing no bad thing, other than enjoying the

have to take it easy on you, or

me right, you only get to enjoy my money

call you a slut, you get to answer me with a YES MASTER, do you get what

""Yes Master", I

your body brutally, without your consent and use different tools on you, it's

chuckled evily and licked his upper lips, he brought his fingers to his hair

"Now rip it off, I mean the dress, the glitter sheer mesh jumpsuit or whatever has a high thigh

where the slit begins I want you to rip it off, rip

I replied. My hands shakily went to the slit in my jumpsuit, and I

as I did that. He

only a white lacy g-string, I

came bouncing off, I know I am a full one,

eight with an hour Glass shape. I was about pulling

was about walking

walks on all

means that as a bitch, I am to get on all fours and

"Yumyumyum, that's nice, you're learning fast, now crawl

crawled towards him, immediately I got there, I

"Unzip me",

fumbled with the zip, I opened it, I

do?, Take me in your mouth", I looked up at him,

to put it in my mouth,

no movement, I was afraid of what he's gonna do, I know definitely he's gonna be the one

he's gonna do if I should make that terrible

I groaned, his dick was too long and full, like an extra meat was added on the layers and

hit the back of my throat, he groaned, "mhhhhhh, uhhhmm", he repeated

dick as streams of saliva

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