His Immense Desires




""What a hardcore porn, they did enjoyed themselves, with all the moans and groans", I said bitterly.

I wasn't bitter because of what they did, I was bitter because it had taken me so long to find out the beast in Floyd, Yes certainly, Floyd is a beast.

He had taken life from me and I am gonna make him pay for it.

I quickly saved everything, both their audio clip in the flash drive, I took my laptop and hid it where no one would certainly see it.

I don't even think she will ever find out, I know she's just so dumb, she sees me as a Naive girl, and I will play that role for her perfectly.

*****ABDUL'S POV*****

I kept pacing thro and fro around the house, I wondered why she wasn't back home yet.

I tried calling her phone, but it was kinda switched off, I wanted to call the doctor but on second thought, I decided to keep calm.

In as much as I want the safety of my wife, I don't want any scandal, I know this would be the time journalists would want to make money out of me.

I knew nothing bad would have happened if not I would have gotten a message, either from her or her bodyguards.

I heard the sound of vehicles entering inside, I told my bodyguard to check who it is, or who they are.

"Hey, come over, go check if it's the Queen, hurry up", I ordered.

"Yes sir", she replied. You're surprised right yes, it's definitely a she.

Left for me, I wouldn't require a female bodyguard, I was against employing her to work for me.

She was referred to me by the head of a secret security group, I doubted her prowess.

I finally gave it a second thought and saw far, she's been

She's also

happened, was there any problem along the way?, I have been trying your number but it wasn't going through, at first it was going through but later on, it

first time something like

the eye check-up, and no there was no problem, I

rolled my eyes and mumbled, "old fool, I mean!!, Why will he be checking up on me, as my guardian angel or what",

Why shouldn't I be bothered about your safety, huhhh, if anything had happened to you, do you think I would ever forgive

out, and you know you'll be coming back late, make sure to inform me, I can't go about worrying

I nodded

the doctor but on second thought I decided against it, if I had told him,

what would be the headline for the next four or five months, it would

I didn't want him to think I don't trust him when you're in his custody, so I decided to

don't even call him for anything, so we won't be causing a scandal in the future, infact let me have your phone",

I was afraid of going out to meet Floyd again and coming out to know I have been

He just laughed and said," no need for that, Amancia, I won't make such mistake on

I was angry by his words, and the stance he took, I just turned my back and

didn't hear any word from him again, I hate him so

They make sure


"Alright she's back", I said to myself, "the almighty Queen

for something maid-like to wear,

I searched inside my drawer until I saw a a long baggy gown, I quickly put it

looking for a footwear when I heard a knock

"Who is

about it, it's Khadija, the

I quickly put on that innocent face and stretched a smile across my face, I walked in a haste to open the door for her,

known you were the one knocking I wouldn't even try questioning you, I am very sorry", I replied her

personal maid, I am still a subject to the

palace loves and trust me, I could tell by the way the Queen

rule of the state security agents; Never let your target know who you are, make him or her so connected with you, when there's trust from the enemy's part,

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