His Immense Desires

Chapter 24: SICK PSYCHO


*****FIONA'S POV*****

The request he made sent my hormones spiralling down the my thighs, in a pool of liquid.

I asked myself how he could use me like his slave, and yet be asking me if I want him to suck on my nipples.

"Madness", I thought, he's definitely mad. Left for me I was okay with both of us staring at each other, without me getting to answer his stupid questions.

"What if I say no", I asked him. He raised his hands to my neck and wounded his hands painfully around it, his hands tightened on my neck.

At that point I felt like I was gonna choke to death, "you know you won't say no, I know you want all these and more.

Sweetheart can you see how your pussy is stimulating for me, can you see the way your clit is pulsating for me?", He questioned.

I could see a smirk form on his face, I wanted out with him, I don't know why of all times, my body chose to betray me now.

And damn if his words weren't true, his findings were all positive. I was still in thought when he dragged his hands roughly from my neck, down to my shoulder blades.

He rested his hands there, he started going slowly down, he flattened his hands from my chest and gave my breast a smoldering touch.

My nipples had gone all perked out, I just stayed still, without warning his hands went to my thighs, he rested it there.

He curled his two fingers as he thrusted them into my damn wet soaked core, I bit my lip trying to muffle a sound that intendee coming out as a moan.

He pinched my clit, and looked up at my face, "Have you ever been hand fisted in your pussy?", he asked.

he wanted to

spit out my venom on him", Emma told

why I never found out about the psycho part of

to be cold-hearted, do you know what it means to be psycho, do you know what it takes to

been called such vulgar

I was so bent on making him mad at me, I thought when I make him mad or say something no one has said to him, it will make him

I was wrong, but I had to keep trying,"you know what you're doing is sick right, all your moves, your actions, your future thoughts and your past thoughts of what you were going to do to me and what you're

I saw him suck at his teeth, I

point which I have come to realise, I am a sick bastard and a

in you house and forget it never

know why?, Because I can't, you're making me feel things I don't want to feel, you're making me painfully aroused, I can't even control myself anymore",

you trying to say it's my

know you're only trying to buy

when he roughly pushed me to the wall. I looked up to find him glaring daggers at me. I stilled

intensity of his glaring eyes were

his lips brush against mine, I tensed when his lips met my neck, leaving wet kisses trailing down

he sucked

so defiant, I know you want your pussy wrapped round my dick, I know you can't wait for my dick to be in your tight sheath", he

and I will never, how can I want a psycho in my cunt, I would never wish for that, what would I

whispered, as he stared right into my eyes and chuckled darkly, with

I will be so stupid, if you think I don't know how you hunger for

would you want to brutally use

eyes, and I gulped when I notice him glaring harshly

I could not find

"You want to

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