His Immense Desires




I was about to scream when the person closed a hand over my mouth, I couldn't even scream.

I became afraid, not of anything but I thought that maybe the Queen finally found out who I am, even before my plans had been carried out.

I was about to turn, but the person immediately brought forward his left hand and tried choking me.

My survival instinct immediately took in, I brought my leg forward and slightly bent it, making sure the person at my back doesn't know what I was about doing.

I placed my hands strongly at the edge of the bed, to get a strong grip, summoning all the strength in me, I brought my right leg backward and licked whoever it was at the groin.

I knew it was a male figure, concerning the shape and strength of the person's hand, and the person had a masculine hand.

I heard a loud growl, " ouchhhhhh", that confirmed it, it was a man. I turned immediately, but seemed like the man saw it coming.

He quickly brought his leg in front of mine, which made me to loose balance, and with a loud thud I fell on the floor.

I felt so devastated, "does it mean that few months not being in practice, is what is making me weak?", I thought.

I was still laying on the floor, telling myself that I am trying to let the person feel like I am weak.

The room was slightly dark, so I couldn't see the face of the person, I could only see the person's shadow.

While the man or guy, whosoever was congratulating himself over his victory.

Without warning, I launched myself on him.

This is another way to get an upper hand on your opponent, one tip for fighting.

Make a weigh, over him or her. Right now, I was sitting on the person's upper thigh.

I took my palms forward, and landed a punch on the person's face, I punched him thrice on the face.

Through the little light, I was able to make out the direction of the person's nose.

I was ready to give him a life mark that would ruin his face forever.

I brought my hand down and punched him on the face like quadruple times.

He was trying to roll me over, so he could be at the top, but I didn't buldge, I took an upper hand.

He yanked my hair, so hard that the bun, I had tried so much

kept yanking at my hair, at that moment I felt like the roots of my hair was about to come off with

my hands and landed a heavy and thunderstorms smack hard

loudly, which came out as a

I did like I was about to stand and fell on his


time, I don't feel like I

been in the training for more than a year, I knew if this procedure happens

suddenly remembered there was a bottle of champagne on

the one that the Queen and her son had

launched towards the table immediately, I was about to take the bottle, when the lights immediately went

to the darkness, so it

came out from the bathroom, I guess she didn't hear what

If she had heard the noise, she would

"It seems like the bathroom is sound proof",

taking in the presence of the Queen, "Go-goo-good D-Day,

why is my son on

That was when I recognized the person that

wanted to use to smash the unknown

It came crashing on the

I noticed it was him, and

"A nice job done", I thought, as I accredited

decided to cover up on the situation, "My Queen, he's actually



to worry about actually, it's just that I was coming to check up on you, you were long gone, so

many thoughts were running in

maybe it was someone that had

anyone to take the

That's why I fought with all the strength in me, to make sure

nothing's wrong", she asked me, facing to look

my Queen, actually there's nothing wrong, I was only dressing your bed,

looking at me, and eyed me

with that,

been acting so clumsy, anyway you are naturally naive

before running towards the door to get what I would use to clean up the

about going to the storeroom, when the

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