His Immense Desires



****STEFFS' POV****

""Babe like seriously you were damn afraid, ohhh, never knew you cared so much about me, seriously I never wanted to take that but, I was kinda feeling depressed.

I was just feeling so down, that was the only option left for me to calm myself from my high situation", I said while taking a walk towards chubs bed.

After I had gotten myself, Janelle had requested we went to her house, and she kinda forced me to sleep over in her lodge.

I had to stay after everything she went through in making sure my fainting situation didn't slip to my death.

I heard so many times, that in cases like this not everyone is likely to get away with it, some die even before they were given medications, while some die after the medications has been given, maybe it came too late or the internal body of the individual couldn't accept the medication.

""Damn I was so afraid, I wondered how it would be if something worse had happened", I said, with my eyes getting teary.

"Yoo baby, keep confessing your undying love for me, sincerely, like hands up, I love seeing you in such situations.

It makes me feel so special, it also makes me feel that really there's no one that could compete friendship love with me", I said, but really I was excited within me.

"You're so unbelievable macho, how can you be saying this, you're actually wishing to be in that horrible situation again just to gain my attention.

You know what I thought you're sick in the brain, but right now, I know it's confirmed that you're actually sick in the brain", Janelle said.

I laughed loudly, "chubs??, God won't ever let me be in that horrible situation", I said.

"Why do you think so?, I know after this you will be going back to your lodge to continue from where you stopped, not like it's my business, it's not my health not body system it's going to affect, it's just you and you alone", Janelle rasped.

" You're just so petrified about the situation, and please mind your tongue, you have no right to judge me", I warned.

"There she goes again, now it's all about me, I am now the Judge huhh, let

when you were smoking the life out of your lungs, killing your body system systematically, do

you making me alive right, like you are the giver of life, or like you're my God, I don't just know what's wrong

take me for, you take me as a shit or a scumbag who has no plans for her life, who

and foolish head of yours, as

I will tolerate anything but insults, don't try that",

her hands and hauling all manner of insults at

"So right now, it's no longer chubs, it's

the best in front of friend, it's now friend,

Now let me get something into that head of yours, you're motherfucker, a pervert, a hole where guys

I don't fucking care about you, if that's what you think, let me tell you, the strippers in the

guts and effrontery to make me feel bad over helping you with

I wasn't the one

you ever try to play smart with me, I am going to rip you apart emotionally, you're going to go sulking on all fresh men's dick", Janelle

I held my head in between my

at her,as she kept hauling insults at me and was throwing her clothes all about

the clothes,

never got finished,

doing Stefflon, what do you fucking think you are doing, you are using

in need some help with my clothes, get your damn hands off

Janelle??, Has it gotten to this, what is wrong with you, please Janelle don't go acting like

Stefflon, it's high time you left my house, you should just get going, I

are you serious now?, Is this really you saying

to you Stefflon Douglas, get the hell out of my lodge, who invited you by the way", I was confused, I haven't ever

leave your lodge and I would do that, say my

Stefflon Douglas leave my house, leave my lodge right

the way you would thank me for saving your

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