His Immense Desires




I was already on my way to the house, I decided I had to come early if I wanted to meet up on time for the Sunday Service.

My mind replayed to what happened between Steff and I, but after some thinking I shrugged it off.

I was still in the car, I didn't know that i was already in front of my family house, I was lost in my thoughts.

"Madam please we have reached", those were the words that brought me out from my thoughts.

I brought my head slowly to the window and looked around the environment, "not much changes though", I thought.

I came down from the Uber, the price had already been paid, because I booked for it.

I paid him and gingerly left for the gate, I knocked and it was opened by a new gateman.

"Ma'am please who are you looking for?", He asked.

"I am Janelle....", "Okay it's you that Diaz is always talking about, so sorry ma'am, I didn't know you are his sister", he said.

I paused took a deep breath and said, "you don't have to be sorry, you were only doing your job, afterall you don't really know me, you are a new recruit", I told him.

"Anyways are they all inside or they have gone for Sunday Service?", I asked.

"No ma, they are all inside, I am surprised that they are still around, maybe it's you that they are all waiting for", he said.

I nodded, thanked him and entered the house.

The house was unusually silent, normally, you would hear the rise of voices from my Dad and Mum arguing over unreasonable stuffs, but to day was so different.

I heard the clattering of plates and spoons, I headed for the dinning table immediately, I started tiptoeing wanting to give them a surprise.

"Boom", I said, as I screamed.

he came down from his chair and ran towards me

"Ohhh Diaz, let me go, you are gonna fall for, and I know you

on doing, to let you fall, damnnnn sis,

why I decided to come see you, just you special boy", I said as I pinched

loud shriek

that was the voice of my Dad. I rushed over immediately and pressed

missed you Dad, school has been tiresome

it's really been tiresome and stressful, that I know, what else do you have to say


not bashfully erotic, please, everything I said

up, looking so grown and riped like


I could feel tension, her face looked so pale

"Enough with the pretence Janelle!!, You think I don't

eyes haven't been on you?",

Have you started stalking me, trying to know where I am, who I am with, and

have been in school trying to read up for my upcoming examinations, but here I

You called and told me, you would want me to come back home, look

in front of my kid brother?, Diaz

step an inch out from

you don't want mama to have words with you, sit down back and listen to

was shocked as I asked myself if it was really my

I was dumbfounded, "mum what's all this about, if it's a prank, please stop it, it's hurting", I cried

your ass on that poor chair, a daughter

my mouth, as I wanted to

now", my dad said turning to give me a scornful

problem...your daughter now runs a strip dance, like she dances for men to watch, damnnnn my once virgin daughter

your mum said are all lies", he said looking at me

of the dinning sit, I held

you believe all what mum

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