His Immense Desires



I went back to the lodge thinking about how my life changed within three days.

Starting from when my bestfriend was down due to the drugs she had taken, down to when she came over to my house, how our small little talks had turned to heated arguments and lastly break up.

I remembered how I had told her to leave my lodge like though I wasn't the person that told her to come over for the night.

I wanted to keep an eye on her to make sure she really did got better.

"This place is just so boring", I thought. I wanted to go out so that I could at least free myself from my little worries.

The only place that had come to mind was the club, I decided that a little liquor would help in making me better.

I dropped my stuff's, brought out my towel and went to the bathroom, to have a refreshing bath.

It took me little time to dress up, afterall it wasn't like I was going for a date, or a meeting with dignitaries.

I wore a big shirt that stopped below my knees with my sneakers, my bold black sneakers.

I turned to check myself in the mirror, it was just my hair left, it looked so smooth, I used my hands to scatter it, I wanted to have a dating look for this night.

I was walking up the stairs of the club when two hefty looking bouncers stopped me, "below eighteen huhh", they both stated.

I sighed and brought out my identity card, showing my date of birth and everything showing I am above the age to go to a night club.

They looked at me and nodded their head, after I had entered I looked back and snorted at them.

I went to the bar man and ordered for some liquor, he decanted and gave it to me, I really overdrank.

I noticed someone looking intensely towards my direction, but my liquor state didn't let me try to know who was looking at me.

up from the stool, gueesed it was

stand on my feet as my legs were too shaky and kept

crashed down on the floor, when a strong hand lifted me

widely to keep me down but he didn't buldge, I was

is too strong like rock", I thought before letting my


woke up the next morning on

I had been assaulted or

a breath

a very strong migraine, that was when it came crashing on me,

in a car, yes, so who would have brought me home and taken

out where I keep my keys or does it mean

is just

a Monday morning, and I have no

the bedsheet and saw that I was changed, "damnnn no, it

off yesterday that I don't think she would

hitting hard on me, I decided to go downstairs to get an

out the aspirin, I

to stay on the couch a little

wasn't even up to ten minutes that I had been

not like I refused

that I didn't hear anything,

started banging heavily, just that now, it didn't seem like it was one person,

all the strength in me, I stood up from the couch and headed to the door, I let the door open, it was four hefty men with

who are you

said,"we were sent by the estate manager,

any arrangement, he should have let me know,

me you all can then come back, so...", They just ignored me mad let

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