His Immense Desires




I went back to the Queen's room, after I had taken the mop, I would use in taking care of the mess I had done in the room..

I came in to see her seated on the bed, immediately she saw me inside she rose on her feet and gave me a questioning glare.

"Were you and my son discussing anything before I had entered?", She asked.

I bowed my head down before answering her, "no my Queen, I just came in here to dress your bed, it was by coincident that we met.

Actually he only came looking for you and nothing else, maybe to know if you were back", I answered.

"Alright my feet hurts a lot, come and give me a feet massage", she said, "and hurry up, with whatever you're doing my feet hurts a lot", she continued.

"Yes my Queen", I replied.

I was furious that she was giving me a command.

I hastenly swept and cleaned the place where the glass bottle had fallen down.

I stood in front of her, waiting for her next order.

"Go to my down wardrobe, you would see my feet massaging oil, bring it, that's what you would use for my feet", she said.

I brought and came to kneel near the bed, which she sat on.

I rubbed the oil on her big toe and started massaging it, frequently I did it in a way that would hurt her more, and was rewarded by her yelp of discomfort.

"Ohhhh, uhhhh, take it easy, what's wrong with you must you be rough!!", She snickered.

"Idiot, did I tell you I wanted to give you a feet massage, or do I look like one, I am only giving you physical hurt and you're complaining, what about when I give you the emotional pain, will you survive it?", I thought.

I was done massaging her feet, I stood up

you done already or did I tell you

there waiting for

do find you handy, you look like you can do this

back aches so much, come over so you could massage it for

climbed on the bed, and kept my two legs in between

you in this situation, or was I the person that kept screaming

my mind as my hands stiffened,

bed and looked at the wall

are already having

you get me",

Qu-quee-queen, I am sorry,

in a hurry to leave, don't you know the work as

my head positively, as my head was

keep reminding you of the duties and responsibilities of the personal maid of the Queen!!", She

"Now listen, 'she continued', "as the personal maid, you don't have to step out of the

tell you to stay in her room until morning without

Didn't Khadija, the palace chief maid, tell you all you are

streams of tears kept flowing down my

face flaring up in anger as she gave me a quick glance and told me, "get out, get out,

"Y-yes my Queen",

turned immediately and went

was out, I cleaned the fake tears off my eyes, I was about entering my room,

wondered who was sobbing, if it was him or someone else, as the

ran immediately to hide at a hidden corner, which

minutes when I

to check who it was that came

shrieked in poor horror, it

his room with wobbly and

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