His Immense Desires



"I AM HE, THE OWNER OF THE HOUSE AND I AM READY TO MOVE IN, HOW DOES IT SOUND?", I saw how her face paled immediately the words came out of my mouth.

I didn't even feel sorry for her sassy mouth, I was only intrigued by her.

I looked down to take in her dishevelled appearance, she looked so cute in her dishevelled appearance.

I was still waiting for her to say something, she just turned around and started moving towards the stairs case.

I didn't give her any chance to leave my presence, as she was about climbing the first stair case, I swung her fastly facing her towards me.

"What are you trying to do, are you trying to walk out on me, don't even dare try that again.

No one ever walks out on me and you won't even dare that...", I said to her.

"Shhhh, household owner, chief owner of the entire estate, if no one has ever walked out on you, I am so graced to be the first person to ever walk out on you.

Wait what do you expect me to do, I should stay here while you tell me everything you have achieved so far, I could sit down so you could tell me all that you have achieved.

Are there any other thing, you would want to let me know about you?", I asked as a tear tried to run down my cheeks, I blinked hard so that it won't fall down my cheeks.

If it was on a normal circumstance, I would happily go upstairs, pack my luggages and other of my belongings and move out of the house not without taking the remnants of my house rent, afterall I haven't stayed up to a year here.

With the way things are, I can't even do that, with no money on me, and with my parents quarrelling with me.

If I was on good terms with my dad, I would just have to call him and explain the situation at hand, but right now I don't know what to do.

"Soo..., I would be moving in, to stay with you, sassy mouth and take you to the very last, until you are as meek as a lamb", he said.

"Alright, you do want to move in, it's definitely okay for me but.."

"But what?", I asked.

"But you all have to refund me my money, like the remaining payment, you don't just expect me to move out from your fucking.."

"From my fucking what", I said with my hands on her jaw.

living in, now it's fucking

You wanna do sassy huh",


I was speechless,

pushing him off, but my breast rubbed with his shirt, it then dawned on me that I was putting on a

a breath, when that contact happened, I heard a growl leave his

abdomen, it felt so hard and big, I wondered what he

hard stuff kept poking on me I had no choice than to

hands down to the hard stuff poking


what I am doing, you brought in a stick here and

It kept poking on me, I realised that it wasn't rough it was all smooth and..., I looked down at the little space

was his manhood, it was....

reason for his growl, I removed my hands quickly, and took three inches back from

hands on his forehead, I wanted to see the look on his

look down at his lower unexposed part, I finally gave into the temptation knocking at

that I didn't know when he brought his hands down and was

penny for your thoughts?", He said with a smirk on his

turning crimson red, even

isn't what I came for, I came for

for you to choose, I won't

give you just now and nothing else, it's

have no money, yet you would let your pride take over you", he

lectures, what's the deal?", I

heard him chuckle for a moment and immediately his

won't come to intrude in your privacy, if you agree

take, is for you to move in and you wouldn't have to

to the couch and wait for you to take your decisions, just five minutes", he said standing

I stilled when he was

lips to my ears and whispered, "just five minutes honey", he said sensually and left

on the staircase, I

here. Ohhh no. I can't let him stay here, he would get to see me

I would react if he finally sees me

I just think that not

the smirk he had on his face, when he voiced out the second option for me, he seemed happy about

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