His Immense Desires




"yeah boy, you know dad won't be around today, right.

So it's just going to be both of us at home, you and I, alone.

You know how much I have been looking after you, right.

Dad would be travelling abroad for a trip, and it's going to be just you and I.

I have to keep reminding you, because I know sometimes you are a big whole of douche bag.

I don't want to be so hard on you, so pretend I didn't say all this to you and wait for Dad to go away okay?", She said.

"Yes ma" I replied her.

"No boy, don't call me ma, rather do call me mummy.

I know I am your stepmum, but that doesn't make any difference from your original mum.

She must have carried you for nine months and nursed you till you were off age.

It doesn't mean I can not nurse and breastfeed you, like your mum did.

I love you so much, and I would love to show you what it means to be loved, by your not biological mother.

You don't have to wait so much, but I want you to be eager for it.

Hey, have some candy and relief your stress alright?.

Listen boy, I love you so much and I will do anything...like anything at all....to make sure I have you all to myself.

You love how that sounds right?"

I nodded my head to her questions and let the candy stick off with a plop.

you know how that sounds?, That's how you will suckle me breasts, when your daddy travels for his usual

to wait too long, you just have to be so

this, if he should hear even a bit of it, you won't like how I am going to deal

all your life, you would only feel the

are too little for that, and I don't want you to feel the pains I am going

love I am going to show you when your Dad leaves, I am not sure anyone

"Khalid",... "Alright, hurry up, your dad is calling you, remember, do not let our little secret out, if you really love yourself, alright??",

I nodded my head.

no, I don't want you nodding your head to my question, I want you to answer me

your dad, and when you are done, you come back so we could finish up with

and was about going out of

Don't you know that before you leave you are meant to

a hug, or do I smell irritating to you?, Or you just want to

only in

Dad, right?, You feel I don't have

think", I said, I almost wanted to cry, but

is worth my tears, unless I find the

when my

the clock, I loved my mum and still love her, but there was nothing I could do

your Dad", she said after

meet my dad,

more pale daily, I try to ask him what was wrong with him, but he always shuns me off, and tells me not to ever ask him

so...., I don't just

called me", I

down on the bed, while waiting for whatever he wants

are you?", He

looked up at him, "why was he asking such questions", I

really not know how old I

I will be fourteen", I

just two yesterday, and

maybe, you are

Allah is really wonderful", he said, as he kept

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