His Immense Desires




The days have really been going so slow, today is Thursday and tomorrow would be Friday.

Everything has been set for their arrival, The Robsons are known all over Switzerland.

This is the best opportunity to form alliance with them, being one of the richest and having a very beautiful daughter is something more like an achievement and which they need to be credited for.

All these achievements, is not something to write about.

A rich family, a beautiful daughter known as the best female golf player in the whole world is not something that should be forgotten.

I want her for my son, Madok, and no one else.

I have to make it seem like Madok is the first son and not Rashid.

A family like theirs would help improve our oil company, it could help in fostering our company, taking it to a greater height.

A bond making like marriage would make it better by sealing the bond of our both families together.

I hope everything goes well, I do hope so, although I know everything comes with a price.

Planting a seed of distrust in Abdul, the Emir Of Qatar, would also go a long way in making sure that Rashid doesn't ever get the chance if being the next Sheikh Of Qatar.

I prefer giving Rashid a little time to restructure the company, since Madok doesn't know anything.

Since Rashid studied more of business and economics, it could really help in stabilizing the growth of the company, not just the oil company but all the companies we have all over the world.

When I am sure it is really standing well, I will only have to use him as a bait, and boom....

The Emir woukd be down, and the kingdom would belong to my lover, Floyd, and I, The Queen Of Qatar.

I will make sure, Abdul the Emir Of Qatar, goes down with everything he has, both his son, Rashid would go down with him, when I am done with both of them, they would know not to took with someone like me ever again", Amancia said to herself, while preparing herself for the night, she wanted to sleep.

of her room, listening to everything Amancia had

She gave a loud hysterical laughter, as she processed everything Amancia

herself as she


Qatar, everywhere was so busy, with the plans of a visitor arriving,

was Khadija left out, they were all in the kitchen

is sure, the loud and bashful voice of the Queen, Amancia, "come here Khadija,

I told you to use the large dinning

with you?, I have told you to

want any of that, and do not let me loose


said lowly, as she


dress the

sure to set their bathing water and their hot balm for their hair",

tell you anything about their hair, you don't know how much

don't, and I told you about the Royal guestrooms, and not

used the

"Hope you know that even the next of your generations to come, can not afford that hot balm which you offered on a platter

reason I won't order the

"No my

would love it, if not you would have had your back bleeding fr

work", Queen Amancia ordered, as she kicked her by the side of her stomach, and stomped her feet on the edge of

ran out of the room, heading to the


they had done, and how they

She dare not say it,

heard different horns from outside, she smiled broadly knowing it

She decided to go take a long bath, so it would look

They have arrived, the guests have


my humble abode, Mrs Robson, it would have been a very

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