His Immense Desires




""Baby, wake up, yo knaw we hav to be at the airport in dah next forty minutes Rai??"Lydia, who is Janelle's mum said in her Jamaican accent. "Ohhh mum do ya have to be Soo grumpy all the time, while I was just having the best dream of my Life, you decide to wake me up" she replied.

"Yoo!! So ya still haven't learnt ya native language, hope ya knaw we gonna be relocating there, so baby wake up and ya stop displaying this attitude of yas"Lydia said. "Mum can't we just postpone it till next week, I mean, definitely we're gonna travel ya know, where's Diaz?" Janelle asked.

Lydia growled angrily" ya knaw ya hav been saying this stuff for the past two weeks, i don't wanna use swear words right this morning.

So now you finally remembered you have little ones right, I'm gonna go down and act like I didn't hear what you just said but when am back and ya still sleeping like a douchebag on that bed, am gonna spank you so hard on that little ass of yours.

And I pray, you're gonna hate me for life" Lydia shot back at her daughter. "Ohhh mum I never forget that you never keep to your empty threats" she Snickers back.

"Ohhh don't worry honey, maybe your Dad will help me to do this". Lydia knows how much Janelle respects and fears her Dad, so whenever she wants her to do things for her, or compell her to obey her instructions she uses Mark, Janelle's father as a threat.

do chase Janelle all over the house to punish her whenever she doesn't listen or fail to


of me, I'm not just happy that I will be leaving my childhood friends : Noeleen, Olivia, Daniel, and the rest of them who are Soo annoying but nevertheless

I don't know how I will cope without them, they are just so different, and I thank God for

I hurriedly entered the bathroom, as I don't want to make Dad angry, I don't know if he has

on my electric toothbrush, you definitely know what I did with it, after brushing

don't have to literally wear a towel, there's definitely nothing to cover up". When you have

there will be an additional breakfast.she hurriedly wore her clothes and wore her favorite trainers which is black "Black is definitely my color" she


fast today, got some secrets to share with me?" Mark said,"ohh Dad do you have a thought of when you will indirectly stop calling me a snail!!!?? I'm just so angry

that her younger brother Diaz said" Big sis are you sure of this, Cause I really wanna munch that food" . When he wanted to take the food from her side of the table, Janelle

you should hurry up, cause our flight will be taking off in the next one hour, and the drive from our house to the

to other parts of the State. They reached the airport, their bags were checked, and when it was time for

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