His Immense Desires




"Steff", I muttered vehemently, as I couldn't recall having any friendship with someone of the name Steff. Wait right there I hope it isn't stefflon, OMG!!!!, My naughty best friend from creche.


The Parker's family once lived in Jamaica their home country before they relocated to Florida due to the nature of work their father did, it didn't allow them to stay in one place.

And right now they are back in Jamaica, because their father had retired from his military service, he was based in the air Force military service, that is why he is accustomed to flying and knowing when there is gonna be a problem about weather conditions that will affect flight.

"Hey chubs don't tell me you have forgotten me so soon, with what I did to you back then, you're not supposed to forget me so easily, I guess you're gonna ask me what I did to you, but that is for you to find out" I heard Steff say.

After all this thing she said, the only thing that came to my mind is the fact that she called me chubs, does it mean I look so baby like, or I don't look like I passed through adolescent, I didn't wanna get offended by her words and decided to play cool.

Gosh!!!!!, No she just didn't want to take my silence as a que that I'm definitely not interested in talking to her. "Hey chubs, you're gonna say nothing, Fi dah luv of Gawd, mi we Neva stop tormenting ya, Cause ya did torment me much, I hope ya do remember it" she said in her Jamaican accent.

I never believed what she said, because I know I'm not a troublesome type or else she's mistaking me for someone else. I wondered why Dad won't dismiss this people that came to welcome him, because ion really like too much noise.

" Hey, ion really know you that much, but you ought to know we just came back from a very long flight which is tiresome, and I would love nothing else than to hear you shut up, and help me in taking my bags to the door of my house" I said to Steff.

friend again after eight years and I'm so happy about it, you're just acting like you don't know me,

I was taken aback by her words, and immediately she said that she broke down in tears, OMG, Did I just make someone cry, I never thought I will be able to do so, cause back in Florida,

myself one hella drama queen", she chuckled and replied me "I heard

and said, "are you serious, tell me you're just joking about you not knowing about

shut the fuck

me with an "uhmm, ohhhk, take it easy girl!!, No words right now please, You're in the capital of JAMAICA, and

beautiful to be an ordinary place, I guess it's more developed due to the fact that it's the capital city", "okay hurry up sweetie", I heard my mum say from the top

and beckoned on Steff to help me with my

of myself, I smiled lightly

until I

stairs, my face had turn smoky red, I wondered how my eye will be by now, I ran past our wall mirror, but,

"so you still don't have a thing for rats, this is definitely the best day of my life, I swore that I'm

all these luggages to your room, unless you want me to drop them

Wait did I just hear

was nowhere to be found, I

she helped in arranging, rearranging and cleaning of my luggages and room. She's fun to be with, as she reminded me of my dark secrets which I told

evening, she had her

long discussion as she told me she had gotten admission to college in West Indies University, and told me they

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