His Immense Desires



****RASHIDS' POV****

"So what about the house, hope it's all cleared, I will be coming back by tomorrow, make sure everything is set, I don't want any form of dirt, you know it's been long.

."Sir please, which of your mansions are you talking about, the one next to the college lodge had been occupied by a young lady, I can just tell her to move her things", Logan my estate manager said.

. "You say a lady!!, You know how i love keeping my personal space, well well, is she married?", I said nonchalantly.

"No my prince, she's not, just a college girl, but she's cute tho and got sassy mouth".

. I immediately took note of that," well, I won't stay there, furnish my other mansion, the one in the secluded area, I want it in my taste, all black and white, no mixed color.

. You know how much I detest other random colors, make sure all the flower are well trimmed, don't tell the assistant manager that I'll be coming back.

. I wanna keep it from him, let me know what he's been doing. If there is any progress or not.

"Alright calculate the estimate and send me the bill, with your account number, immediately, don't keep me waiting", he thundered.


I woke up the following morning feeling so refreshed, it's really a new dawn. I walked purposefully to the bathroom to do my early morning routines after which I came out. I heard the buzzing of my phone, I instantly knew it would be from the airport.

I had wanted to go in my private jet, but I decided following the commercial airplane as it would give me time to think, and go through my plans, they really made it hard for me.

I decided to shrug it off, cause I had in mind when I would be coming back, I won't just come back with more success and wealth but with love.

"Hello, Good morning sir, calling from Qatar airways, sir we want to inform you that your flight has been scheduled in the next two hours as the flight would take off thirty minutes later", she informed me.

. "Ohh yeah, got no problems, I do hope it's an exclusive, rather a first class", I asked.

"Yes sir, always an exclusive for high people

thanks beautiful", I could sense her cheeks redden at my words of endearment, it's not like I really mean it, just

wanna flirt with me. I hastly! Cut the call. Cut the crap must

That's called a sluttish behavior. I called my besfriend Khalid

escort me to the airport?, Seems like I have been a pain in your ass", I

are you talking about, cause I can't remember getting any mail, you've been up to something naughty right, you're so mischevious,

take care of my Dad, make sure you keep an eye on him, and give him a handful, I don't want him to feel my absence that

I'm leaving him in safe hands, cause I trust you",

he's like a father to me, you've got no problems there",

Rashid immediately hung up on


a long flight", my personal assistant Tiffany said, he looked up and saw her brow crease into

want to go, she can forget about the

Jamaica, when she's from South Africa. Is it that, she doesn't like Africa

checked, I took a magazine which is about Jamaica, the people, their food, and the way they interrelate with the

well known for their reggae music. And among other things, the country seems nice and a

afternoon, when we finally alighted, it was a whole hella journey, I was so pissed off with the way the air hostess kept gawking and trying to flirt with

neck channel top, before I went to sleep, only for me to wake up to see she changed her clothes to a see through red short

She certainly had dressed like that for me, cause there was no one else in the first class suite, I had paid for only my secretary and I to be

strictly a business type

checking around for Logan my estate manager when I saw a 2023 Bentley sports

down his glasses, I checked the person to find

look at you now, all muscled and hard

"I get, you manwhore, looking for who to add to your group of man whores, but thank you

good, no too much stress, as long as you're ready to mind your business with no tongue waggling", Logan said.

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