His Immense Desires




It's been a week and six days since I got the mail, and today is the seventh day making it a week.

I'm so damn prepared and happy about this meeting, I just can't believe am gonna be meeting him in person, all my life I had always sought his attention but it all went the wrong way.

Since I last received the mail, I got another last week, he had asked if I am prepared. Seems like it's the reason behind him not coming to the club for the past two weeks.

My heart fluttered at the thought that he was actually trying to impress me. I, on my own did my best to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The girls are all happy for me, and kept chattering on how lucky I am. I also felt the same way sincerely.

I felt that way, because I haven't known what it's like to be loved and to love, so I guess the reason for my anxiety, it's because of that some reason.

"Hey girl, you're all dressed up, my gawd, you look damnnnnnnn!!, right now am damn speechless, i don't know what to say to describe how you look", one of my female colleague said.

"Hold on, ain't you gonna wear, at least a little makeup, you can't just go dressed so hot, without baking that face into a cake", Emma said.

"I guess, after the make-up, when he sees you, he won't be able to wait to stick out his tongue on your face, I just can't imagine less, babe you really rock", Cathy whined.

"This dress looks smoky expensive, don't tell me you put all your life savings in this dress, I mean this dress looks like something that worths, thousands of dollars", Emma said.

"Hey girls, calm down have you all forgotten, I served as an exclusive for Rahid, not just the prince of Al Zayed but a multi billionaire", I whined on how forgetful they are.

"I get to earn an extra, when he's happy, or when I serve him well, stick that up your brain guys don't ever forget", I bluntly said.

"Okay, it's enough with the talks, let's get back to business, Fiona why don't you pull off the dress, let us bake your face real nice",Emma said.

"Alright babe, I just don't want to purposely come late, thereby ruining the chances of we both having a thing", I sighed.

a man is bound to wait for his woman, so he should do that, or if he can't

am I his woman, he just wants my body, and I really love his, I mean I have been fantasizing about him, so it's

just what?", they

touching, let me get


really call it a house, this is actually a mansion or rather a palace, the building is just so

wondered how the interior would be, if the exterior is so perfect. I rang the doorbell, only for it to be

guile went up my throat, at that point it

I'm the maid in charge of cleaning, hope you don't mind, if I may ask, who are you looking

she's a maid, I felt at ease one more with myself,I was afriad that maybe he brought a lady in since he

the inconveniences, I came looking for your

is, if you don't mind let me go tell him, someone is looking

to tell me that he's


up on the events happening in the palace, when a

you say, her name is?",I

she only said she has an appointment with you, should I let her in sir?", "Oh yeah,

having any appointment with whosoever,

think am gonna find out

stuttered. Alright didn't see that coming. "How are you

to get anything for you?, Before we head straight

I am so surprised even at this point

****FIONA'S POV****

now, I'm damn speechless, why is he trying to pull a stunt with me,

house, as he wants us to go on a date, and right now he's trying

"E-er-er-eemmmm sir, actually you sent me a mail, that you would like us to meet, I was thinking it's the regular stuff, and I

as not all our

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