His Immense Desires




I purposely sent my personal maid Amancia out, as much as I trust her, everything has it's own limits, I don't want to be sorry later.

As a queen, it's bound for my personal maid to always be with me as a mark of loyalty, but I have to break the rules.

I said to myself that not all rules are bound to be kept or obeyed, some are there to be broken.

I want to go somewhere, I want to meet him, it really has been so long, he might be mad at me, yes definitely, he has such huge temper.

As a woman, I know what men want, I know what they are after, I know what they can't resist, and you know what they can't resist, they can't resist a free sex.

As much as he tries to act like he's not addicted to me , i know somewhere that he loves all I have to offer him and also more.

I know that men don't just like women that gives free sex, but a woman who's submissive in bed, that is the only cure to his anger.

I love him so much that I don't like when he gets mad at me, due to how tight the palace is, I haven't been able to have my way.

Every single week, the Emir keeps employing new securities and guards, so right now the palace is heavily guarded.

It's not like he doesn't trust me, I was able to make sure he trusts me to the core over the years we have spent together.

His sole reason for employing more securities is to make sure of my security, that's what he told me tho, and I have no reason to doubt him, cause I don't think he's that smart.

I quickly wore my clothes and wore enough perfume, the perfume with a sensual fragrance which could give a sensual touch.

to wear much undergarments cause I know he would definitely tear

on how promising he's in bed, not like this stiff

Immediately I was done dressing, I hurried downstairs

is "I am going to see the doctor because of my eye problem,

my eye problem when I was twenty

and told me to go. I


she really think I would let her go without knowing her whereabouts or whom she's going to

me a fool, she just don't know my capabilities, for her, I am the little humble, innocent and naive maid, I don't know who

Okay a

ordered for her tea, In a haste, I went to bring

isn't what you thought, guess what, I added sleeping pills,

do for revenge, and more I'm yet to do for

I brought the tea for her, she didn't even care to tell me to have a sip, it's not like if I take a sip it

the chip I came with to the palace, I have been

an invisible one, I kept

she won't see it and if she should see it, she can never blame it on me after

I chuckled harshly when I remembered how she described me to her idiot

sit and watch, how things would turn out to be, I get to know her location, who she goes to see

to give me a call, I don't want to

a jaguar never dies, he lives forever. No he doesn't know, it's better that way, so that when I strike he won't

he gets to know he would find solutions immediately, but

to recall if

"Hey, Floyd, I have missed you so badly, my heart

to meet you in body and soul,

getting more handsome daily, I thank Allah for that, he's


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