His Purchased Wife

His Purchased Wife

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Two months, yes it's been two months since we have started dating. The most beautiful time of my life started two months ago, Gabe was what I always wanted. He respects me, my thoughts. Most importantly he loves me because of who I am not who my dad is! He knew that I came from a rich background and he never talked about it. It's like he didn't care about it.


And what Susan said was not true, it was not like he didn't want me physically it's just he didn't want to push my boundaries.


There were never any restrictions on me about dating but dad always told me to be cautious and that's it. I decided to wait, unlike Susan. It might be because of my mom. She was a firm believer in sex after marriage. An Orthodox Christian one would say but that's how mom was and after her death maybe I wanted to cherish her memory the way she always wanted me to too and Gabe agreed when I told him so.


How could I doubt his sincerity for me? Susan was just being Susan! I sighed.


"Miss Kings...Miss Kings…"


I was lost in my thoughts but then I felt a sharp pain in my hand. "Ow!" I whimpered and looked at the hand where Susan had pinche. me.


"What?" I asked.


"I have been calling you for the last five minutes but you were lost in your dreamland. Get out now we reached your Gabe's restaurant."


I pinched my lips in a thin line and stepped out of her car. She drove away and I entered inside. "Hey, George!" I greeted the manager of the restaurant who smiled back at me.


"Hello, Miss kings…" he greeted me back without even raising his head from his computer.


I shook my head and walked right into Gabe's office without knocking. He was talking to someone over the phone. When I entered he looked annoyed but his expressions changed seeing it was me who disturbed him and not one of his staff members.


"I'll call you back, Uncle. My girlfriend is here to meet me," He said before ending the call.


I ran to him and hugged him tightly. "Your uncle won't like it, every time you end his call when I am near you."


He pulled me even closer to him, I raised my chin and gazed into his blue orbs. "As if I care, you are the most important person in my life," saying that he placed a soft kiss on my head.


I clung my hands to his neck, placed a soft kiss on his lips. "You are flattering me Mr,"


"Am I?"


I nodded. "Yes." He scooped me in his arms and took me to his apartment upstairs. It was a beautiful bachelor apartment with glass ceilings, contrary to my liking it was a dark themed apartment. The curtains were black with with patches on them. I liked it but it was not according to my preference.


He placed me on the bed, I bit my lip in shyness. "Gabe…" I Whispered. 

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