Hypnotizing Love

Chapter 879 No Evidence

So he would rather Jeremy keep sleeping and never wake up.

Although he thought so, he would not lie to her with these words, because it was unnecessary.

"I see." Amber lowered her head and didn't doubt Jared's words.

The probability of success was not high...

Well, if it were high, Jere would have come back long ago.

She believed that Stella had asked the doctors to check on Jere.

After all, Stella supported Jere, not Jeremiah.

It seemed that Jere would never wake up.

Jared could read Amber's mind. He stretched out his hand and held her back in his arms, letting her lean on his shoulder. He comforted her in a gentle voice, "don't think too much. Although the doctor can't wake up Jeremy directly, there is still a way."

Hearing this, Amber cheered up. "Is there a way to wake Jere up?"

Jared nodded and said, "Mikel said that there used to be cases about the main personality taking back the control of the body, but these cases all have one thing in common."

"What do they have in common?" Amber grabbed Jared's sleeve and asked eagerly.

If there was a way to wake Jere up, she was willing to have a try.

"Miracle." Looking at Amber, Jared opened his mouth and slowly said this.

Amber was stunned. "What? Miracle?"

Obviously, she didn't expect that the only hope was a miracle.

Jared slightly raised his chin and nodded, "yes, a miracle. The people in the cases mentioned by Mikel are all woken up by some people or some things accidentally, which is called a miracle. Perhaps as long as we find the reason why Jeremy is unwilling to wake up and solve it, Jeremy will wake up."

As for the reason, he was very clear that it was Amber.

she was willing to be

back the control of his

obviously, it was

never let Amber do

Amber with a serious

that she might be the only person to wake up Jeremy, so she stopped being excited in

couldn't do it


just couldn't

hypocritical, and she

brother. Even if she agreed to be with Jere, it would be painful and

insecure and gloomy. Being in the pain of love for a long time would only make Jere crazier. At that time, he would have

would only get

said, "well, don't think too much. I won't do that. Even

looked at her with gentle eyes again, lowered his head, and kissed her on the forehead.

was worried that she would be too soft-hearted and do something stupid


all the conversation between the

were they

What body control?

What personality?

he understand their

the head of the Rylands family had a split personality? Now he was under the control of another personality but not the

asked, "by the way, York, how

even if it was Jeremiah, not Jere, they had the same

but at

Jere woke up in the future and found that there was

was thinking. This time,

Jeremy, so what she was concerned about now was just a

had made

jealous of a body

and replied, "I've heard that Mr. Rylands's arm seems to have been injured. He often uses that arm, and

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