Hypnotizing Love

Chapter 880 Connor's Daughter

But at the same time, York thought Connor was capable.

After all, everyone knew that Connor was not a good man who would do bad things, but no one could find any evidence.

This was enough to make people admire him.

It was known that as long as a person did something bad, there would always be some traces or clues, but Connor was different.

This was enough to prove how cautious and scheming Connor was so that no one could do anything to him.

Hearing York's words, Amber took a deep breath and said, "I didn't expect Connor to be such a scheming person. Does it mean that Jere can't do anything to fight back?"

There was no evidence to prove that it was Connor who hurt him.

That meant Jere couldn't take revenge.

"No." Jared smiled coldly.

Amber looked at him. He said, "don't forget that Jeremy is also not a merciful person. Whether it is him or his strange personality, he is a scheming guy. He is definitely not the kind of person who will forget the hatred even if he has no evidence. There is no evidence, but it doesn't mean that he won't take revenge on Connor. After all, in this world, not everything needs evidence."

Hearing what he said, Amber couldn't refute it.

Indeed, as long as they knew who did it, it didn't matter whether they had evidence or not.

It was just that she was too kind.

"But how Jeremy will deal with Connor is not what we should care about. Instead, the way Connor behaves makes me firmly believe that he is the enemy of the Farrell family!" Jared suddenly clenched his fists and said with a gloomy face.

Amber looked at him and asked, "what do you mean?"

"Twelve years ago, my father was killed in a hotel abroad, but I couldn't find any clues of the murderer, so the case has been suspended till now. A few months ago, I had a car accident, and everyone knew that someone deliberately caused it, but in the end, we still couldn't find any clue of the murderer behind it."

Jared and Amber looked at each other. Then Jared said, "we can't find any evidence or even clues in these two cases. Except for Connor, who else can do things without clues like this?"

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heard from Mr. Stockert's assistant that Alice was Mr. Stockert's illegitimate daughter who had been lost by Mr. Stockert. Half a year ago, she accidentally recognized Mr. Stockert. But for some reason, Mr. Stockert didn't immediately change her name. It was not until some time ago that she changed her name to Alice. However, even if she changed her name, the other information about her didn't change. Moreover, Mr. Stockert didn't make it public that Alice is his daughter, So it is still unknown to the

"I see." Amber nodded.

"if my memory serves me right, Alice is twenty-seven years old,

"Yes," York replied.

years younger than me. Connor did a good

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