Hypnotizing Love

Chapter 881 The Worst One

Speaking of which, Jared’s hand on the steering wheel clenched even harder.

Amber could see the ridges of veins on the back of his hand.

“Actually, my parents never slept with each other.” Jared said something amazing.

Amber covered her mouth in surprise, “No way!”

“It’s true.” Jared nodded without expression, “My mother wrote it herself in her diary. She had always had a penchant for keeping a diary. My mother did not love my father, so of course she could not accept him, and my father was too proud to force such a thing. Therefore, after they got married, although they lived in the same house, one of them lived in the master bedroom and the other one in a modified cloakroom. They never slept with each other, and of course it was impossible to have me. But their mission was to produce an heir to the Farrell family, so they went through IVF behind everyone’s back and had me.”

Apparently, what Jared said came as a shock to her.

“Did The old Mrs. Farrell know about it?” Amber asked.

Jared shook his head, “She didn’t know, and I didn’t even know I was born this way until I read my mother’s diary.”

Amber put her hand on the back of Jared’s hand and looked at him lovingly.

Yes, lovingly.

He was not born by a loving union of parents, as was the case with ordinary children, but by a mission, by man.

It was as if he was born, not as expected by his parents, but as a tool for his parents to accomplish their tasks.

“Jared…” Amber’s voice was broken. She wanted to comfort him, but she didn’t know how.

She was afraid that she might strike a sensitive spot in his heart.

Jared saw what Amber was struggling with and took Amber’s hand behind his and let out a chuckle, “Come on, they didn’t want me to be their child, but they did what they were supposed to do. They didn’t turn their backs on me just because of how I was born. On the contrary, they love me very much, so I did not lack care in my childhood.”

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my mother wrote in her diary that she had a deal with Connor Stockert. She would marry my father, produce an heir to the Farrell family, and then, when the heir was old enough to understand her desire to pursue her own relationship, she would find reasons to divorce my father and get back together with Connor Stockert. And my mother had already told Connor Stockert that she would produce a Farrell heir through IVF, that she would have nothing to do with my father, that she

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they would remain chaste for each other until my mother left the Farrell family and

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storm, “Yeah, that’s exactly what made me angry. My mother was chaste for Ten years for Connor Stockert, who betrayed their promise three years into the bargain. He fathered an illegitimate daughter and kept it a secret until now. And my mother died without knowing that the man she loved had betrayed her, probably from the beginning, even before she married my father, while they were still

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back her belief that Connor Stockert didn’t have to stick around for Jared’s mom

mother remained chaste for Connor Stockert throughout her life, so that she could give Connor Stockert a clean, intact

Jared’s mother with another woman and fathered a child out of

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