Hypnotizing Love

Chapter 882 Don’t Betray Me

“I’m at fault, too.”

Suddenly, Jared unbuckled his seat belt, wrapped Amber sideways around him, puts his chin on Amber’s shoulder, and his voice was filled with remorse. “If I had found out at an early age that Connor Stockert had betrayed my mother, she might not have waited ten years, or given up her life in despair at the sight of hope. Maybe if she had known that Connor Stockert was cheating on her, she would have gotten over her relationship with Connor Stockert sooner and really accepted my father.”

Amber, sensing his loneliness and guilt, patted him on the back lovingly, “Don’t say that, it’s not your fault, you were a kid at that time, how could you have thought about it so much, so it’s really not your fault. Don’t blame yourself. Your mother loved you, and if she knew that you were trying to pin her death on you, she’d be devastated, too, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?”

Jared didn’t say anything, but silently held Amber closer and buried his head deeper into her neck.

Amber continued to pat him on the back, silently calming him.

Even though he was so high up and powerful, and he seemed to be able to do anything.

But stripped of all the glamour, he was just another man.

An ordinary man with feelings like ordinary people.

He would be sad, he would blame himself, he would feel guilty.

And he could use a little comfort and companionship.

It wasn’t until a cop knocked on the window and told them not to stop for too long that Jared released Amber, started his car, and drove away.

On the way back to Kelsington Bay, Jared was driving quietly, staring straight at the road, and not saying a word.

At Kelsington Bay, he pulled into the parking lot. When he was stationary, he let go of the wheel and looked at Amber next to him, “You can rest assured that I will never be a man like Connor Stockert.”

“What?” Amber paused as she undid her seat belt, as if wondering why he would say such a thing.

Connor Stockert, who says one thing and does another in secret. I won’t hurt you the way he hurt

a man, you should keep

said yes, you

be a person who broke his promises. When you loved someone, you should love them with all

if you didn’t love each other, you should continue

respect each other, but also to their

never be a time

like Connor Stockert, even though he was a man,

he wanted her to know that there were plenty of men in the world. There were plenty of guys like Connor Stockert out there, but there were also plenty of good ones, and Jared was one of

out there, too. After all, he had made promises to her in the past,

he would be really

he couldn’t wait to make it clear to Amber that he was not Connor

was supposed to believe

which had always been as dark as two black

that she wouldn’t believe it, and that she was really going to think that he was going to do the same because

gonna happen to you because of what Connor Stockert

mind was too

felt that his concern was totally unnecessary, she was touched by his immediate consideration of her feelings and his immediate reassurance that she might be

in the world are cheating men and will be just like Connor Stockert. That’s not fair to the good guys. So, you don’t have to worry. I won’t think anything, and I won’t suspect you of anything. Even if I don’t have faith in you, I should have faith in my own choice. I believe the man I chose is not a duplicitous

and looked

I won’t make you think you’re wrong

good. That’s enough.” Amber gently pinched

The man was relieved.

affected by what

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