Hypnotizing Love

Chapter 876 She's Insane

She looked like a psychosis with a sudden relapse, which made Amber feel bad.

Afraid of being infected, Amber shook off Alice's chin and took a step back.

Jared stood up, walked behind her, and covered her with his body in case she fell or hit something.

If anything happened to her, he would be worried.

"Wipe your hands." Jared took out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Amber, indicating Amber to wipe the hand that she had just used to touch Alice.

Amber smiled at the man and said, "sure enough, we have a connection. I was about to take something to wipe it just now."

But before she could find it in her bag, he had already handed her a handkerchief.

Hearing her words, Jared chuckled and said, "that means we are meant to be together. Even if you don't say anything, I will always know what you are thinking and what you want as long as you look at me."

Moreover, he would prepare and send it to her as soon as possible.

Amber was moved by his words.

After wiping her hand, she put away the handkerchief and reached out to hug the man.

The man was stunned at first and then smiled. He raised his arm and hugged her back.

The two of them began to show their love in front of Alice.

Normally, Alice would go crazy.

But now, Alice was completely in a state of madness, laughing madly and creepily, and muttering something.

However, Amber and Jared didn't hear clearly what she was muttering. She spoke too fast and disorderly.

In a word, Alice was really like a psychopath now.

Amber let go of Jared and frowned. She said in a serious voice, "she doesn't seem to be pretending."

Jared nodded.

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