Hypnotizing Love

Chapter 883 A Bold Bad Man

Amber has a bad feeling, “What?”

Jared gave her a little chuckle, leaned in, bit the lobe of her ear, and whispered, “After all, that’s what makes you happy, and you don’t want to ruin it, do you?”


Amber felt something explode inside her head and blushed until she almost bled.

She opened her eyes, looked at the evil smile on the handsome man in shock and embarrassment. She opened her mouth and it took her a while to say, “You…”

What the hell was he talking about?

What brought her joy, she couldn’t bear to destroy it?

Bah! She didn’t…Well, that kind of thing, she did feel great. Yeah, but he didn’t have to say it out loud.

This was private. How could he say it openly?

Oh, no! He just did it!

All in all, that was a lot sluttier than he used to say.

Amber took a deep breath, squashed her irritation, and glared at him, “Jared, just shut up and stop saying those things.”

She covered her hot face, knowing that she must be terribly blushed now.

Jared looked at Amber’s embarrassed face and chuckled again.

His laugh almost came from inside his chest, sultry and sexy, “Okay, I’m done. I just want you to know, there are some things you can’t say, some things you can’t think about, okay?”

Amber looked away from him.

She was afraid that her eyes on him would make her face even more blushed.

“As long as you don’t do me wrong, I certainly won’t say or think about that.” Amber snorted, “But if you do cheat on me, especially when we’re still together, then I might as well cut your baby like I said I would.”


this time, she was going the other way,

that if she made any more moves at him, and annoyed him, he would take her straight to the car and do

not be that day, my baby, I will only be with you

hot air in

Her whole body was already burning with embarrassment at his words, but now he was blowing her neck so itchy that she winced and

felt like he had found something new. So, he leaned in and

as he looked at the hickey he planted on Amber’s neck. Apparently, he

wasn’t enough, just one hickey, too few to

a blank space in her white skin. It was so monotonous with only one hickey. If it was full of

Jared squinted, reached under Amber’s

suddenly dropped, taking her body with it. Startled by the sudden sensation

in a husky voice, “Don’t worry, I

this. Her heart fell back to where it had been, and her body relaxed,

her face and hair. His eyes were dark, but in the depths of the dark there was

when she saw Jared was

she had

like she hadn’t seen this kind of Jared before, and it was during those nights when he

on his face as he had done the other nights, and the fact that he had suddenly lowered her seat and got on

at the man overhead, “Jared,

“Little Leaf, don’t you think

she could not return to her mouth and


real purpose was even more audacious than she

a public place like a parking lot, afraid of being seen

he wanted

little more timid and

she lowered her voice to a warning whisper, “Jared, you’re crazy! This is


She reminded him emphatically.

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