Hypnotizing Love

Chapter 877 I Can't Be Jealous So Frequently

"Actually, I'm jealous." Jared sat down and glanced at Amber.

He said this in an indifferent tone. Obviously, he was really jealous of York.

Amber rubbed her chin and nodded, "but you didn't look jealous at all."

"I'm a little jealous. I don't have to put it on my face." Jared grabbed her hand, put it on his lap, and played with it.

Her hand was much smaller than his. It was white and soft. It felt very good to touch, and he loved touching it.

Therefore, most of the time, he liked to hold her hand and play with it.

"Yes, some people won't put their emotions on their faces, but you are not one of them." Amber tilted her head and looked at Jared with amusement. "You are the kind of person who will show your emotions on your face when you are jealous. People can tell at a glance that you are jealous. So I was surprised that you didn't show any emotions on your face just now. I thought you weren't jealous."

"I was jealous." Jared looked up at her and said, "but I know you don't like York, so I don't have to be too jealous."

He was right.

Amber raised her eyebrows, "Oh? Why do you think I don't like him?"

"He is not as good-looking and well-shaped as me." Jared straightened his back up and said proudly, "you have good taste!"

Amber burst into laughter.

Wasn't this what she had said to coax him before?

That was how she coaxed him when he was jealous of York.

She didn't expect that he would really keep it in mind.

But what he said was right. She had good taste.

It was not that York was not a good man, but that people liked to see more beautiful things.

She was not interested in York's appearance, so she really didn't like York much.

why are you still jealous of Cole? Do you think I'm interested in Cole?" Amber held

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heard that the man praised himself while belittling other men. "Well, no matter what, I'm yours and won't be taken away by others, unless we break up one day. But as long as we are together, you

as she finished speaking, Jared covered

blinked her eyes

break up. We will be together for the rest of

his hand off her mouth. "I thought you wanted to

"I'm serious."

are serious." Amber turned her head and leaned on his shoulder. "But sometimes, don't make so many promises. Life is too long. Who

her tightly and said, "I won't break it in the future. It

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Mr. Farrell, Ms. Reed." He put away his phone and greeted the

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There was York's phone.

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