Hypnotizing Love

Chapter 884 Be Caught

Either way, she had to stop him.

He had no shame, but she did.


With her lips plugged, Amber couldn’t speak but grunt. She pushed the man with her hands, trying to push him away.

The man’s eyes were red and he was clearly losing his sense.

Instead of pushing Amber away, Amber’s push was flirtatious to him.

So, the man held her more tightly.

Amber’s face turned red and she started to feel faint from the kiss.

By the end, she was pushing less and less, moving slower and slower, and her strength was clearly waning, and her eyes were fading.

It was obvious that she had fallen with men.

Such things, after all, were inherently seductive, and when one party intended to be seductive, the other would eventually fall into it.

Gradually, Amber’s sense of reason became so blurred that she completely gave up fighting and forgot that she was still in the car and parking lot.

Her taut body relaxed and she lied back in the chair, held tightly by the man.

Noticing Amber’s response, the man paused to kiss her, then smiled.

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