Hypnotizing Love

Chapter 878 Jeremiah Gets Hurt

Jared was a little dissatisfied with his expression. He frowned and said, "what? Am I afraid that he will come to me?"

"No, no. I didn't mean that." Knowing that he had misunderstood, York shook his head and waved his hand to explain, "I mean, Mr. Stockert's way of doing things is somewhat unacceptable, so Mr. Farrell, you should be careful at that time."

Hearing this, Amber became serious. "What do you mean? Is he going to play tricks again?"

Jared also stared at York, waiting for York's answer.

York pushed his glasses up and said, "Mr. Stockert has some dirty tricks. I don't know if he dares to play these tricks on Mr. Farrell, but I know that to achieve some goals, he has done a lot of things to other families. Some time ago, I received an order and especially went to the Capital. I heard that the Rylands family is fighting with the Stockert family."

"The Rylands family!" Hearing the name, Amber suddenly straightened up and asked, "what's wrong with the Rylands family?"

The Rylands family was just Jere's family.

No matter which personality was controlling Jere now, it couldn't change the fact that he was also a part of Jere.

So when it came to Jere, she couldn't help paying more attention to it.

Seeing that Amber cared so much about the Rylands family, Jared knew the reason well. He pursed his thin lips. Although he was a little unhappy, he didn't say anything, nor did he feel jealous as usual.

Perhaps it was because of what Amber had just said to him. He had kept it in mind and felt more secure.

So he wouldn't be jealous as usual.

York didn't know the relationship between Amber and Jeremy. Although he was curious why Amber cared about the Rylands family so much, he answered honestly, "The new head of the Rylands family wanted to get a piece of land in the Capital some time ago. Coincidentally, Mr. Stockert also liked it. The two didn't want to give up on it in the bidding. However, in the end, because of more connections, Mr. Stockert won the bidding successfully. However, the head of the Rylands family was unwilling to give up. I don't know what kind of method he used to make the original owner of the land tear up the contract with Mr. Stockert and sell the land to Mr. Rylands. Mr. Stockert was furious about it. Then on the next day, the head of the Rylands family got injured. "

"What?" Amber suddenly stood up and her face changed dramatically. "Is Jere injured?"

"Jere?" York titled his head in confusion.=

a hoarse voice, "Jere is the new head of the

"I see." York nodded.

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held her waist and frowned. "Don't worry. Jeremy is just injured.

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Jeremy was under the control of a strange personality,

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was another person who got hurt, not Jeremy whom she cared about. She didn't

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