Hypnotizing Love

Chapter 885 Of Course I’m Saving Your Fucking Life

“Save me?” The man scoffed at the woman’s words, “I’m not in danger. Why are you saving me?”

She was about to die of rage at man’s foolishness.

“Of course I’m saving your fucking life!” The woman trembled with anger, “Aren’t you afraid the people in the car gonna be upset when you shoot the video?”

The man waved his hand and smiled heartlessly, “Why should I? They can go after me if they can, but will they?”

The man glanced disdainfully at the passenger window.

Amber caught the man’s eye. Suddenly, her body tensed again.

Because she felt like the man could actually see her.

Even though, as Jared already said, people outside couldn’t see or hear them.

But she could not rest assured.

After all, she could see out clearly, which made her feel as if others could see her, and her sense of shame soared.

Amber’s nerves were taking their toll on Jared.

Amber’s body was starting to relax, and he was not so uncomfortable anymore.

But when someone from outside suddenly approached the window, she was startled and Jared fell back into the same agony.

Those two out there, fuck them!

Jared narrowed his eyes and watched the woman and man outside coldly.

The man was the closest to the car and shuddered, feeling flustered.

It was strange. Why did he feel like he was being targeted?

Was it an illusion?

The woman was ok and did not feel anything, but when she heard to the man’s provocation to the people inside the car, she suddenly gasped again, almost fainting.

But she held it in. She took a deep breath and suppressed her fear before her. Then she reached out and grabbed the man by the ear, “Open your fucking eyes and see if I’m trying to save you! If you’re going to die, don’t take me with you!”

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