I Have a Tycoon Granpa

Chapter 130 Mature Lacie Chang

Fraser was startled. It had just happened, how did Grace know?

Was she at the bar, too?

Fraser said, “Sister, are you in the bar?"

Fraser looked around the bar, be he did not see Grace.

Grace replied, “I am in the provincial city, not in the bar. I accessed the online and I saw a post."

Grace laughed in the telephone, “I am happy to see Brodie got beaten."

Fraser was happy too.

"Right, Fraser. Do you still have money?" Grace asked suddenly.

"Yes, why, sister, do you want some money?" Fraser asked.

"I need to rent a house in the provincial city, but my card has been frozen by my father, so I have no choice but to borrow it from you." Grace helplessly said.

After hanging up the phone, Grace sent him a bank account.

Grace ten thousand was enough, but Fraser transfer to her one hundred thousand, for fear that Grace could not have a good life.

After the transfer, Fraser texted Grace and asked why she went to the provincial city? Wasn't that Brodie's place?

Grace replied: the more dangerous place, the more security. Brodie would not believe that I am in the provincial city.

Grace said the provincial city was big, and it was not easy to be seen by Brodie. She lived in Donhey for the most important reason was to find clue of Brodie's mistakes.

Grace thought, such a rich second generation like Brodie was certainly not innocent. As long as he was photographed with a flirt and got to be with other women, Grace could have reason not to marry him.

Fraser wanted to laugh at that time. Shouldn’t she find a private investigator?

Fraser did not continue to chat with Grace. He thought in a few days he would go to the provincial city and he could meet Grace secretly.

Today, the bar was full of customers. Fraser understood now why rich people liked to do charity.

It turned out that doing charity could shape people and ushered in more people's support.

Just like the incident, they all believed the bar and even did not give Brodie a chance to explain. It was cool.

When he was back, Fraser saw Paul and Quinn talking and laughing happily.

Paul became the bar manager, he

Jay came, followed

she became more and more sexy. She wore a heavy makeup

on top and a short pair

walked in, attracting the eyes of many people. The women scolded her fox, and those men could not move their eyes

angry seeing that. He scolded pointing at those men, “Son of bitch,

those men

at night were not easy to be

“Who are you scolding?”

your business if

banned in

surrounded by a group of people and

She wears so little, don't you have money to

stretched out his and

arm, “Jay, this guy patted my


looked at Jay coldly, clenched fist, issuing

he said, “Just patted

was coward. And Richard

will you lend your girlfriend to us

How could

let you go of what you said to

few people behind Richard stepped forward and almost stuck to

all, this was his bar. Richard obviously wanted to make a

and pushed Richard from Lacie. He said, “Richard, don't make

it, who are you?" Richard looked at Fraser and was to


How dare you push

name, boy? Do you want to


and said, “I seem have heard

we beat him!" Asked a man behind him,

someone must is behind it?"

of the bar, chop him off his penis!" Richard pointed at Fraser's nose

people had

was like a paper tiger. He was even

Richard left, Jay got

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