I Have a Tycoon Granpa

Chapter 131 Fraser Got Attacked

"Why do you have to leave, we are having fun here." Luna had no idea about what had happened.

Quinn said with an angry look on her face, "If you don't want to leave, then I'll leave by myself."

After saying that, Quinn got up to leave.

Paul stood up and said, "Quinn, listen to me. She is indeed my ex-girlfriend. We broke up with each other several years ago."

"Come on! It??s been several years since you broke up. How come you're still sleeping with her?" Quinn fiercely glared at Paul and walked away directly.

Paul chased after Quinn to the entrance of the bar where the two of them had a fierce fight. Then Quinn took a taxi and left.

Fraser walked over and patted Paul's shoulder, "Did you two get together?"

Paul said with a depressed look on his face, "Almost. But this bitch, Fenny, ruined everything."

"When did you two get together? How come you are together so fast?" Fraser was somewhat incredulous.

Paul said, "In fact, it should be credited to you. Since I added her WeChat account last time, I had been hooking up with her. But she, who was quite indifferent, didn??t bother with me. Yesterday, I told her that I had bought a car. She asked me what kind of car I had purchased. I told her that it was a Porsche. And she said that I was bragging. I told her that if she didn??t believe me, I could take her for a ride!??

"This morning, she went to attend a graduation party. I drove her there in a Porsche 918." Paul added, "Ever since that, she has been having a crush on me."

"After knowing that I am a manager of the Old Days, she is more active. Hey, I feel like I can win her over tonight. However, it turns out that... " As Paul said, he gritted his teeth in anger, "F**k Fenny. "

Fraser made fun of him, "Don't curse yourself like that. After all, you just f**ked her the day before yesterday."

Paul said anxiously, "How come you are still in the mood to joke with me? Think of a solution for me quickly."

Fraser wrapped his arms around Paul's neck and said, "The way I see it, instead of going after Quinn, you might as well have gone after Ella."

Paul shook his head, "I grew up with Ella. I'm not interested in her at all."

Fraser asked, "Are you only interested in Quinn?"

Paul said, "Yes. The first time I saw her, I liked her."

Fraser handed Paul a cigarette and said to him, "Can't you figure out the situation? Quinn likes you because of your identity and the fact that you drive a Porsche."

Paul said, "I understand what you mean. You are implying that she is materialistic, right?"

"Fraser, the way you see it, is there any girl nowadays who isn??t materialistic? Isn??t Quinn materialistic? Isn??t Luna materialistic?"

intend to marry her. I just want to have a relationship with her. Since I have feelings for her, I think I'll just go for her." Paul said with a smile,

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