I'm Sorry, But I Love You

Chapter 91: I Don’t Care

Anderson’s face darkened.

“I’m so sorry to hear about the car accident happened to Cathy and her friend. And if it had not been for Torres, Cathy could have been injured worse. But why was Torres following behind Cathy’s car?”

Scott said in a seemingly innocent manner.

But in fact there was a strong current of malice.

The look in Anderson’s face hardened even more. The relationship between Catherine and Owen had always been a thorn in his side.

It had been a sharp thorn in his side for many years.

Now there was little hope that Owen would awake, and Catherine would never ever forget him. He didn’t get rid of the thorn. In the contrary, it got deeper in his flesh.

Catherine asked Antonio again about Owen’s condition.

But she didn’t get good news.

Antonio shook his head slightly, “Only a minority of vegetables could regain consciousness. Even if they finally wake up, their body would suffer irreversible damage.”

“You’d better prepare yourself for it.”

The panic and sadness flooded Catherine again. She struggled to restrain herself to avoid falling sick.

She took a few deep breath, trying to calm down and keep her sense.

Antonio noticed her problem and gave her pills and a glass of warm water, “They were left by Owen not long ago.”

Catherine swallowed the pills with teary eyes, “I want to keep Owen company and talk to him.”

Antonio expressed his disagreement, “You’d better not. The Torres family are in his ward. I don’t think it’s a good time.”

was injured because of me, so it’s reasonable for

of guilt, but your

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her leaving, raised a thin smile and then followed

you following me?” Catherine asked

you get beat up, I could be there helping dress

Aubrey was looking at Owen lying in the bed and her face was drowned in tears. Harrison Torres’s

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saw her and stood up in irritation, “What are you doing here?

train wreck!

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lying in the bed dying. Don’t you dare to think that I’ll forgive you for your kowtows. Catherine Johnson, it’s impossible!”

streaming down Catherine’s face, she said bitterly, “I’m not asking for your forgiveness, and I’m in no position to ask

palm. The hit got harder and harder, but Catherine kept kneeling in

to atone for

the blood dropping onto the floor,

the very dangerous moment, Catherine was the one that he wanted to protect by risking his own life. Though

Aubrey stopped and looked at Catherine with tears,

and Owen grew up together, witnessed you breaking off the engagement with Owen, getting married with Anderson, then getting divorced and then

piano for you. He had learned it for 20 years. He was unable to get you out of the jail, so he began to learn how to be

I was happy to hear that thinking you two would go back together, but you keep getting involved with Anderson. I knew Owen couldn’t rival Anderson because he doesn’t have a hard heart as Anderson does. So I

Harrison sighed.

to breath, overwhelmed by

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