I'm Sorry, But I Love You

Chapter 92: Annual Party

Lincoln didn’t take Anderson as his father, but biologically he was Anderson’s son.

Catherine held him tightly.

But uttered no words.

If Johanna was the one behind the car accident, she must do it because of Anderson.

“Have a sleep.” Catherine put Lincoln to sleep but she, staring at the ceiling, could no longer fall asleep.

She was recalling everything between her and Owen.

Catherine was not seriously wounded physically but psychologically.

She stayed in the hospital for half a month and then left the hospital.

When Anderson came to pick up Sophia and Lincoln, Catherine took the medicine in advance to calm herself down.

“They witnessed the car accident, so after you take them home, you should not only keep them safe but also take them to see a psychiatrist.”

It was the first time that she showed so peacefully when Anderson took the kids away, but Anderson surprisingly felt weird.

“Anything else?” Anderson rarely spoke such calmly.

“No.” Catherine bent to say goodbye to her children and then left without any hesitation.

This accident made her realize that she was not able to protect her children.

She was too weak to resist Anderson.

Perhaps, she would never get her kids back.

For the rest of her life.

If her kids really would never live with her for the rest of her life, she had to get used to the life without Sophia and Lincoln as soon as possible.

And Sophia and Lincoln had to get accustomed to the life without her as early as they can.

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came home for first time in half a month. There were many traces left by Owen at

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His photos.

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Can you work now?

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annual party is held tomorrow. Don’t forget to attend it at the Sky Club.” Doreen told her in detail, “I

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All pretty beauties.

surprisingly rich!” The girl seated next to Catherine exclaimed, “How can it

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