I'm Sorry, But I Love You

Chapter 93: She Is the Light

The audience thought Catherine wouldn’t respond to it, but unexpectedly she stood up.

With a polite and broad smile.

The reporters behind the cameras were dazzled by her beauty.

Catherine walked toward to stage step by step.

Looking at Catherine’s peaceful face, Johanna felt strongly uneasy.

“Excuse me, can I have the microphone?” Catherine asked the MC beside her.

The MC was stunned by the scene and was startled by Catherine’s voice. She handed the microphone to Catherine at once.

“Thank you.” Catherine nodded at her politely and then looked into the cameras with her beautiful face.

“This is the annual party of Meow Comics and I didn’t intend to talk about my personal matter, but now that Miss Johanna mentioned it, I think I should take this opportunity to explain it.”

Catherine stood side by side with Johanna. Her stunning beauty put Johanna in the shade.

Catherine bowed towards the cameras, “I am wrong.”

She admitted her mistake directly.

She caused an uproar again.

“Are you admitting your mistake?”

“Since you know you are wrong, why do you stay in the circle with a new identity? You are making another mistake!”

Hearing Catherine’s confession, the reporters became more aggressive.

Facing the offensive questions, Catherine showed no panic on the stage. Anderson and Ethan were informed with the news and showed up in the hall. They fixed their eyes on the woman in a black dress with red lips and curly hair at the center of the stage.

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