I'm Sorry, But I Love You

Chapter 95: Fist Fight

His words were disgusting. Usually whatever he said about her she could persuade herself to ignore it.

Anderson was astounded by Catherine.

He looked into her icy eyes but he found no emotions.

Anderson was furious but didn’t know what to say seeing her eyes.

At a moment, he was afraid to say anything that would annoy her.

“Anderson, he is just a child.” Catherine said in a cold voice, “I don’t care if you insult me, but please don’t get innocent people involved in it.”

She was protecting the boy.

Anderson suddenly felt bitter in his mouth. He turned his icy gaze to Boyce, “How old are you?”

Boyce frowned, “Twenty.”

“You take a 20 years old man as a child?” Anderson mocked, “Don’t you know how old are you?”

Five years between them.

As long as you were rich, five years was no big deal in this circle.

Catherine knew what he meant.

She was disgusted, “You don’t mind the age gap between you and Johanna so you think everyone else could do the same as you. Dirty people see dirty things.”

If it had not been his indulgence, how dared she do that!

Anderson frowned. What’s wrong with the relation between Johanna and him?

He just tried to be nice to Johanna for the sake of Isabella. He owed Isabella a lot before she passed way, so he wanted to make up for it.

There was no romantic relationship between Johanna and him.

“Johanna and I …” Anderson defended himself unconsciously.

Before he finished, he saw Catherine was pulled into Ethan’s arms.

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