I Will Escape

chapter 117


It has been crazy since my father and Dominic have left. People from all different packs have come. They want to help save Sabrina and get revenge for everything that the devil's pack has done to them. So many loved one's lost so viciously for no reason at all. I want to tell them that we can do this, but I am scared that maybe we can't.

Damien has been so supportive of everything welcoming new members and also assisting in training them. Most of them are warriors, so training is almost like exercise to keep everyone active. There are so many kinds of wolves I never knew of. I hate how much was hidden from me growing up. I should have been trained all my life instead it was tucked away from me. It makes me so angry how much my parents withheld from me. It's like being welcomed into a life that was always supposed to be mine but was hidden. My parents never had me question how they felt about me, but now I wonder if any of it was real. The only thing that I know was real was the bond that Sabrina and I always had together.

Not having her here with me is causing me to struggle. I'm trying not to show weakness. But it's like a piece of me is missing without her here with me. I still feel some guilt from the last time we have spoken. I know that I didn't mean the things I said, and I know that she won't hold it against me. I just wish that my last words to her were better.

I can't believe that we are getting closer to rescuing her. There are new people showing up everyday joining us. I didn't even realize that there were so many wolves in existence. I lived such a shelter life, not realizing there are so many of us. I'm so grateful to all those that are going to help us take down the devil's pack.

I'm worried about my father and Dominic. Hoping that Dominic would be able to resist saving Sabrina if there is a chance given to him. I don't want him to get himself-killed. I don't want Sabrina to have to suffer the loss of her mate as well, especially after all that she has been through. I can't believe how things have changed in just a couple of days.

that I need to stop daydreaming and get out of this bed, there is so much to do. As I go to get out of my bed to get dressed, Damien grabs a hold of my waist, and he

you think you're going to get back here and cuddle with me, I'm

there is just so much to do we need not

you need to relax

relax when Sabrina is back safely and

care. I walk out of the bedroom. The smell of bacon catches my nose. I see that there are others she wolves already

not good at remembering names,

you help prepare the plates and serve them out

I can do that.” I was never that much of a cook, but never really got the chance to

her tears fill my eyes. I want to run to her. But I can't, I can feel her power and I can't move its like I'm forced to kneel as well. Then I realize that it's not my father who is in control any longer

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