Ice and Fire

Chapter 1 Betray

In a huge, dark blue-hued bedroom of a suburban villa, a scene about an R-rated play was unfolding, creating an ambiguous atmosphere in the entire room.

Cherry Shen had just returned from a business trip. She had exited from the airport and then hailed a taxi.

While in the vehicle, Cherry Shen gazed at the scenery outside the window, and a smile appeared on her face. At this very moment, she was feeling so excited. All she wanted to do was meet the man she had loved so deeply all along.

Cherry Shen pulled out the spare key John Ye had given her and opened the villa's door.

As soon as Cherry Shen entered the house, she heard a strange voice. It sounded like a woman's voice. Pushing open the door, the sight of her sister, Jean Shen, lying naked on top of John Ye greeted her.

"What is this? I can't believe my boyfriend is having sex with my sister!"

Standing in the doorway, Cherry Shen felt angry. She screamed, "John Ye, Jean Shen!"

Cherry Shen's voice brought their intimate act to an abrupt halt.

John Ye tensed at the sight of the incomparable wrath on her beautiful face. His heartbeat too quickened. He immediately picked up his clothes, which were lying on the ground, and put them on hastily.

Jean Shen was still in bed, pulling the quilt around her body to cover it up. But in her heart, she was cursing Cherry Shen. 'This bitch is definitely my nemesis. How dare she come here and sabotage my plans!'

on his clothes, went to Cherry Shen and, nervously, explained, "Cherry, you?are

sentence, Cherry Shen raised her

I will not let you touch me! You can now go find another woman. I am breaking up with you!" With these words, Cherry Shen

He had never imagined that he would fail to resist temptation, and this will result in his

the bar, neon

the bar counter. She was holding the wine that her

Xia felt sad, watching her friend Cherry Shen drowning herself in alcohol. But she was at a loss for words that would comfort her. During their university years, this earnest senior could get down on one knee to express his dedication to Cherry Shen. But now, he has lived in society for so long, that his core

Emily Xia, "Emily, do you think there is something I owe the world? Why did it

lips, but

hatred and helplessness.

Shen drank the last drop of wine in the cup.

already early morning. In the bar, Emily Xia looked at Cherry Shen who was lying on the bar counter, completely drunk. She wanted to take her to the hotel across the

hotel by Emily Xia's colleague. Fueled by alcohol, Cherry Shen insisted that she could find the room on her own. So Emily's colleague

the door was already open. Without thinking further, she murmured to herself, "That's it. The service staff must have opened the door


hotel room, gazing at the huge white bed with

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