Ice and Fire

Chapter 2 The Aloof Shen Clan

Cherry Shen woke up with a sharp pain. She opened her eyes.

She couldn't believe what she saw, nor could she clearly see the man's face. He seemed to have regular features and a gloomy face. Then she saw his bronze skin and broad shoulders. Obviously, he had a muscular body.

Before Cherry Shen could come to grips with the situation, the sharp pain gradually sunk her back into unconsciousness. She had no strength left to fight back. Although she was losing her virginity, which was especially precious to her, she couldn't put up a fight. Finally, in desperation, she submitted to the man's sexual demands.

In the morning, they lay in bed. Jackson Chu, always on his guard, heard a knock on the door. He opened his eyes immediately, and turned to look at the door.

Derek Lu had arrived to wake up Jackson. A military conference was going to be held today.

When he opened the bedroom door, he was startled by what he saw. He recovered a while later and stammered, "Jackson, you...".

Derek Lu was about to say something more but was lost for words.

Jackson Chu saw that it was only Derek Lu and ignored him. He covered the woman's curvy body with a quilt and got out of the bed, quickly putting on his clothes.

Derek Lu approached Jackson Chu, grinning. He looked at Jackson Chu and teased, "How do you feel? Was it good last night?

Chu answered, with an angry

Chu's anger and continued, "I never though my

Lu could say anything else, Jackson Chu got dressed and

you are here?" Jackson Chu asked.

to pick you up and take you to the base for the military conference. And in the afternoon, your father wants you to come home in the military's residential

Chu did not say anything. He tidied his military uniform and walked out of the

Lu looked at the bedroom, turned around and

the ceiling and looked at her surroundings. This room felt so unfamiliar.

came back. She remembered that she was drunk last night and Emily Xia had asked one of their colleagues to take her back to the hotel. Was she lying

face clearly in her mind?

Shen's mind was in a state of panic. She tore at her hair frantically and wanted to get out of

when she tried moving her body, Cherry Shen felt a sharp pain. She broke into a cold sweat.

Shen was thinking of the man on top of her last night. At the same time, the sharp pain in her body was almost unbearable. Throwing aside the quilt, she looked down at her

the man she loved most, she had also lost her virginity. Even more

that moment, she felt dead. She had lost everything. Everything

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