Ice and Fire

Chapter 3 Need To Find A Rich Man

Whenever John Ye's name was mentioned, Cherry Shen's heart would still ache. Despite trying very hard to forget him, she just couldn't get over him.

"That is nice. My congratulations to you!" Cherry Shen forced a smile. Her voice was calm and she looked unperturbed.

"Well." Jean Shen smirked, "For a slut's daughter, you truly know how to behave."

Jade Qiao rolled her eyes and added, "Exactly. Why can't you follow your mother's steps and disappear for good? Why are you still hanging out with our family and harming us? If you hadn't seduced John Ye, my daughter would have married him long time back. She would have already become the wife of the lieutenant governor."

"Aunt, I am a member of the Shen Clan as well. My father had forbidden me to leave with my mother back then. Besides, John Ye and I were close back when we were at the university..." Before she could finish, Jean Shen slapped Cherry Shen hard on the face.

Jean Shen's hand was still in the air as she snapped at her, "Cherry Shen, bear this in mind. The Shen Clan has only one daughter. That would be me, Jean Shen. I am the deputy CEO of the Shen Group. Who the hell are you? You are nothing but a lowly team leader in the business department. How dare you even compare yourself with me? How dare you even try to compete with me?"

Cherry Shen's face was burning with pain. She lowered her head and said nothing.

Jade Qiao's cold words echoed in her ears, "Cherry Shen, I am already doing you a favour by letting you stay in the villa. Your slut mother seduced your father and had you. Fortunately I was able to chase her away, otherwise it would be her sitting in the villa today!"

"Aunt, this is not true. Back then, my mother and father were in love. You were the one who stepped between them and coerced my father into marrying you, as you were pregnant with his child. You are the family breaker here." Cherry Shen angrily glared at her. She might tolerate insults from Jade Qiao about herself, but she definitely would not put up with Jade Qiao bad-mouthing her mother.

"You little bitch." Jade Qiao sprang up from her seat and was about to punch Cherry Shen in her face. However, Harrison Shen blocked her attack in time.

Jade Qiao yelled at Cherry Shen in rage, "Did your mother tell you this bullshit? Cherry Shen, I am telling you, I am the one who got pregnant first. Your mother was a typical loser. She doesn't have the fortune to be a lady. My family helped the Shen Clan a lot back then. It is only natural that I be with your father now. You should just shut the fuck up!"

just marry her off as soon as possible. Otherwise, she wouldn't keep her hands to herself or stop bothering my John Ye! She would ruin my future and stop me from becoming the lieutenant governor's wife." Jean Shen was really

anymore." Jade Qiao cast a scornful glance at Cherry Shen. Then she turned to Harrison Shen and said: "Set her up with

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Chu felt proud as he fondly looked at his beloved grandson and the grandson of his comrade. The two young men had grown up together and were both outstanding during their service in the military. Especially his beloved grandson. He had drawn the attention of the entire residential area as, despite his young age, Jackson

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Jackson Chu has been in the army, did he ever bother to go on the blind dates I set up for him?" Andrew Chu's face

reply. The truth was, he had gone on the blind dates in place of Jackson Chu. Jackson Chu had begged him so much, that he eventually caved in and went on the dates. However, at this moment, he did not

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blind dates, as per your instructions. There were eight blind dates, and I went for three of those. However, none of the

dodge the bullet. Otherwise, Derek Lu would be punished by his grandfather if the truth came out. And under

girls I selected for you are from the wealthy and powerful families of our city. They are well-educated noble ladies. Are you telling me that you didn't like any of them?" Andrew

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