Ice and Fire

Chapter 5 She Is Your Aunt

What! Jackson Chu was John's uncle?! When she heard John Ye call Jackson Chu "uncle", Cherry Shen was astonished. She couldn't believe her ears. How could the man she had just agreed to marry be John Ye's uncle?

Cherry Shen's eyes remained wide open, and in a voice filled with disbelief, she asked Jackson Chu, "Are you his uncle?"

Jackson Chu looked into her eyes and felt a bit confused. It seemed that she cared a lot about his relationship with John Ye. He answered, "Yes, he is my nephew."

Hearing the answer, Cherry Shen felt pain in her heart. What a big joke this was! She wanted to escape from the man she once loved so much, but she didn't expect that fate would bring them together again. She wanted to get away from him, but she was going to marry his uncle. Jackson Chu was the relative of the man she loved! Was it Jackson Chu's family that had supported John Ye in his bid to be the lieutenant governor?

"Interesting!" Cherry Shen suddenly chuckled.

John Ye and Jackson Chu looked at each other, not understanding what Cherry Shen's laughter meant.

Just then, Jean Shen walked toward them and said, "Look whom I've met! I was wondering why John was so excited about coming here. It turns out his old flame is here."

Old flame? Hearing these two words, Jackson Chu's face immediately changed color. He gave Cherry a ferocious stare and then shifted his eyes to John Ye. He had not expected that his nephew would have had an affair with the woman beside him.

John Ye took no notice of what Jean Shen had said, nor did he care about Jackson Chu's piercing eyes. All he cared about was Cherry Shen. He looked at Cherry Shen affectionately and then slowly asked, "Cherr, what are you doing here? How do you know my uncle?"

Hearing John Ye call Cherry 'Cherr, Jackson Chu felt a lump in his throat. How could his nephew call the woman, who was about to marry him, so affectionately? No matter what the relationship had been before, she now was his woman and he definitely would not allow other men to call her so lovingly. Absolutely not!

"John Ye, " growled Jackson, in a serious tone. He then warned, "She's now your aunt!"

Shen for several days and now she

Ye shook his head, stared at Cherry Shen and in a voice filled with disbelief, he asked,

yet again, Jackson Chu was furious. But he controlled his anger. He had not seen John Ye for

Shen had put on a poker face. She withdrew her arm from Jackson Chu's, held it again to get closer to him, and

directly into Jean Shen's eyes and said, "And my dear sister, if you get married to John, I will be your aunt

She had even dared to tread on her territory. Now she was hitched with John's uncle

Shen and said, "You are lying to me, aren't you? You said that you would be with me my entire life. How can you now

wanted to

stranger she had just met than John Ye. Love might go bad like poison and turn into

from Cherry's hand and put his

told you that I am your aunt now. I hope that you will forget what happened between us

up and wanted to stop Cherry Shen from marrying Jackson. But before he could approach Cherry Shen again, Jean

rage. This

Jean Shen didn't know what else to do, but remind John Ye of their reason for

about what Jean Shen had said. He flung away Jean Shen's arms and stepped towards Cherry Shen. He grabbed her arm, intending to pull Cherry from

Shen's arm, Jackson Chu grabbed his wrist. He clenched it harder, pulled it from Cherry Shen's arm, and flung it away. John

forward to support John Ye. John Ye steadied himself and felt a bit scared by the sight of Jackson Chu's furious

in anger, "John Ye, watch your

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