Ice and Fire

Chapter 7 Visiting Grandpa Andrew

Jackson Chu drove Cherry Shen back to his flat.

Cherry Shen was still thinking about what had happened at the Shen house. She entered the flat, and did not bother carefully surveying Jackson Chu's room.

Sitting by the bed, Cherry Shen lowered her head and stayed silent.

The sight of Cherry Shen reminded Jackson Chu of her beauty that other night. He couldn't control his emotions, and there seemed to be a fire raging inside him.

Jackson Chu gradually got close to Cherry Shen. The lamplight made her look even more fascinating than before.

"Cherry Shen, you are my girl. You must accept the responsibility that comes along."

Feeling Jackson Chu's close proximity, Cherry Shen looked up and said, "What are you going to do?"

She was so pure. Jackson couldn't resist it any longer. He abruptly pushed Cherry Chu down on the bed and pounced on her.

"Jackson Chu, what are you doing?" Cherry Shen resisted, looking at him while her body trembled. She felt fear when she recalled the pain from her first time.

"You are my girl. What do you think I'm going to do?" Jackson Chu gazed at Cherry Shen, said it word by word. He could hardly wait to get her.

While listening to Jackson Chu's words, Cherry Shen felt his big hand on her waist. She instinctively shuddered as she was still frightened of that terrible first time.

"No, no!" Cherry Shen said, quivering, while tears gathered in her eyes.

Jackson was about to touch her snow-white skin, but he felt a pang of guilt after seeing the expression on the face of the woman lying under him. He couldn't believe that her expression could touch his heart.

Cherry Shen begged. The indistinct picture from her first time enveloped her mind, and

looked at her and his heart finally softened. He suppressed his desire, rolled over and lay down besides Cherry

the ceiling and couldn't hold back her tears any more.

in his arms the entire night, without

day, they went to visit the Chu Clan.

the formal living room of the military's residential compound, Andrew Chu sat on the chair in the center,

their son John Ye were waiting for Jackson Chu and his fiancée in the living room,

to their poker-faced cousin. Now that he had finally found his beloved, their father would not force him to go on blind dates.

showed his nervousness. He


the military's residential compound. The three got out and walked towards the house of the Chu Clan.

in arm. Just like refreshing breeze, she did not appear to be

the living room. She was shocked when she realized that the girl was none other than Cherry Shen. She cried out, "Cherry Shen, how come you are

Ye stared at Cherry Shen, without saying

to this. It was

since he believed these people already knew his woman.

by the affectionate expression on John Ye's face.

ought not to come from a upper class family, so how

no." Lucia Chu answered immediately. But she was so pleased because her son's future looked promising

look at Lucia Chu, and then turned her gaze to Jackson Chu. She had

was conveying. He looked at Andrew Chu and said, "Grandpa, this is Cherry Shen, the girl

Cherry Shen smiled

nodded, "What

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