Ice and Fire

Chapter 9 No Dubious Relationship

As soon as they entered his room, Jackson Chu kicked the door shut.

Cherry Shen knew Jackson was angry. Standing in the center of the room, she said, "Jackson, you have known John Ye's my ex-boyfriend. And it's clear that we are getting married without loving each other. Why do you care so much?"

Jackson Chu came to Cherry Shen and grasped her neck fiercely, refraining from telling her about his real feelings towards her. He retorted, "Cherry Shen, I don't permit this kind of dubious relationship between my woman and another man."

"I'm not your woman. You must know that." Cherry Shen tried to defend herself. A marriage certificate did not mean that she had become his woman. Not in his dream.

"Does our marriage mean nothing to you? Or" Jackson Chu stopped, thought for a moment before adding, "Will you admit to being my woman if I have fucked you?"

Cherry Shen was silent.

Jackson Chu took her silence as her acquiescence. Perhaps she thought he had never owned her because they hadn't slept together. Besides, she had no idea that it was he who had deflowered her.

"Now that you are having this kind of thoughts, I will make you my woman, literally." With these words, Jackson Chu pushed Cherry Shen down on the bed behind them, and lay on top of her.

"Jackson, what the fuck are you doing? Don't screw up this time. This's your house and your room." Cherry hastily tried to block Jackson's aggressive hands.

"It doesn't matter if I fuck you at my home. My grandfather wants a great-grandson." Jackson sneered.

Then he put his hands under Cherry's clothes and touched her pearly-white skin. A shiver of excitement had engulfed him.

"Don't do this. Stop, Jackson." Cherry protested. She wasn't prepared for this. However, his aggression was unstoppable.

With great lust and desire, Jackson pulled her dress over her head and left her underwear covering her pubic hair.

Then Jackson Chu quickly took off his pants and undershorts. Looking at the beautiful woman lying in front of him, he knew he had to possess her completely.

"Cherry, you will be my woman in your life. You cannot escape from me." Jackson said, passionately.

Jackson's sudden aggression had

about to enter her, a knock on the door interrupted their sexual activity.

could he be interrupted at this very moment, a moment that he had been waiting for such a long time?

Cherry Shen pushed Jackson away and hastily put on

a trivial matter, I will kill whoever has knocked on the door, ' he thought angrily.

the door and opened it. It was

in his study. He

that all?" He

coldness. She answered,

foul temper,

go away, Jackson knew he had to obey his grandfather's order and

in a serious tone, "Be good and wait for me here. If you dare look for John

he left, in haste.

have any intimate relationship with you. He's my past and you are just a cover for my

In the study.

grandson and, in all seriousness, asked, "Jackson, are you

Jackson replied, respectfully

of achievement grew in Andrew Chu's heart. Finally, he had done something for his grandson and his family. Next, he would make his request.

matters?" Jackson Chu had a deeper understanding of his

will be held in two weeks. I must be informed of your wife's pregnancy in the next three months. Within a year, I will hold my great-grandson in my arms." Andrew Chu said, bluntly. "Do you

his grandfather's request. But he quickly

He wanted to love her tenderly, rather than force her to do anything. If he behaved this

angered Andrew. He had been expecting the arrival of his great-grandson for a long time. How could Jackson refuse his

refrained from getting angry. He added, "Do you need extra help from your grandpa? Cherry's your wife. Of course, you can do whatever you want with her. I just want to hold my great-grandson

old enough to give birth to a child. Why

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