Ice and Fire

Chapter 10 The Last Person She Wanted To Meet

John Ye's face went gloomy as he angrily stared at them. He had never seen his uncle being this gentle. He was literally obeying her every single demand!

The meal was finished quickly.

Andrew Chu was satisfied with the way Jackson Chu had treated Cherry Shen. He thought his beloved grandson had finally found the love of his life. Therefore, it wouldn't be long before he could hold his great-grandson in his arms.

After the meal, Jackson Chu and Cherry Chen bid goodbye to the rest and decided to take off. Derek Lu was about to offer them a lift, but he was stopped in time by Jackson Chu's glance. It suddenly occurred to Derek Lu that Jackson Chu now looked on him as the third wheel! They were supposed to be best pals, but now he was redundant as Jackson had Cherry Chen by his side.

Cherry Shen felt relieved as soon as she sat in the car. She no longer needed to put on a fake smile. She also did not need to cling on to Jackson Chu so closely.

Jackson Chu felt a bit letdown by her change. However, he remained calm, at least on the surface.

"I was just acting in front of them. Please don't take it seriously." Cherry Shen said, calmly.

"You really care about John Ye, don't you?" Jackson Chu's question was direct and pointed.

"It is none of your business." Cherry Shen's face was serene, and her tone soft.

"Cherry Shen, since we are supposed to get married, do you seriously think I am simply going to ignore what is going on with you?" Jackson Chu was feeling angrier with each passing moment.

"Don't you know that our marriage is just a liaison with no strings attached? It is just a contract, a mere piece of paper! Why would you even care about my business?" Jackson Chu could not read her mood at all. Her voice was ice cold.

Her heart felt dead. She was exhausted.

"Cherry Shen!" Jackson Chu snapped at her, "Even if our marriage is just a contract, I forbid you from doing anything disloyal. You need to play your role well and behave accordingly!"

Cherry Shen was intimidated by his tone. However, she bravely replied, "Chief Chu, I don't need your reminder. I know how to behave as your wife."

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"I will be staying in my own apartment for couple of days. The Chu Clan has another villa under

Cherry Shen simply nodded her head. She couldn't care less. As long as she had somewhere to stay, she really didn't mind where she would stay over night. She could no longer return to the Shen Clan. Now all she desired was

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again." Jackson Chu was highly offended by the look on her face. She had dared to address him in a disrespectful tone! He clenched his fists and made up his

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Jackson Chu's eyebrows furrowed in rage. What was her deal? Was she trying to drown

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just going to see a girl. He said, "I will drive you to the bar then. I need to go back to the army base and attend to some business there. I will pick you up at


the wife of a soldier. You belong to me,

not yours." With these words, Cherry Shen turned her face and looked outside the window. She thought of him as a mere passenger in her life. She wouldn't bother herself with

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"Yes, sir."

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by to see her, Emily Xia found excuses to skip her shift. She wanted to talk with her best friend.

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You mean Mr. Chu from the Chu family?" Emily Xia was completely astonished

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