Ice and Fire

Chapter 13 Fancy Dinner In A Good Mood

An hour later, when Cherry Shen saw the elaborate dinner laid out in front, she finally felt happy. She smiled. "Wow, there is so much delicious food. I have never had such fancy dinner before."

Jackson passed the chopsticks to her and said, "Just eat."

Cherry took the chopsticks and immediately started to eat. While eating, she cheerfully praised Jackson, "These preparations are all very delicious. You cook better than Shen's housemaid does."

Looking at Cherry, Jackson felt sad. She must have lived a hard life in Shen House. If not, she wouldn't have been so excited by this dinner. And she also looked really thin and weak.

At night, Cherry wrapped herself in a quilt and lay on the bed. She was afraid that Jackson, who was lying next to her, might make moves on her.

"Come here and lie in my arms." Said Jackson, suddenly. He stretched his arms and beckoned to Cherry to come and sleep in his arms.

"No! You look dangerous." Cherry shook her head. She would not be fooled.

"Cherry, who would you like to take the initiative, you or me?" Jackson asked. He wondered why this woman was so difficult to cajole.

"No one will take the initiative. Let's sleep separately." Cherry said firmly. The bed was big enough and it would be nice if they could sleep separately, without interacting with each other.

"Cherry, come on. If you come over here, I'll leave you alone tonight." Jackson had never imagined that he would be so patient with this woman.

"No. I don't believe you." Cherry thought that Jackson was the most dangerous person at this moment. He was as dangerous as a wolf.

As soon as Cherry finished her sentence, Jackson moved towards her.

He grabbed the quilt off Cherry's body and pulled her into his arms.

They were so close to each other that Cherry could clearly smell his unique Jackson smell.

Cherry kept on struggling. She would not allow any man to assault her again, even though she was not a virgin now and he was her nominal husband.

"Don't move or I won't be able to control myself anymore." Said Jackson. His tone was a bit bossy and harsh. He sounded serious.

Cherry appeared frightened. She could tell that Jackson was not joking.

Cherry calmed down. She did not want to make things more dangerous for her.

arms, Cherry remained

now satisfied with this well-behaved woman. He

Cherry's face closely and asked her, concerned,

was talking about. A touch of sadness flowed into her heart. "I'm used to

she used to it? Did that mean Jean hit her often?

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sad, I could go find my mom. But later, my mom went abroad with Uncle Jacob and I had nowhere

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just like that. What can you do to her? Even killing her

had never actually taken revenge on her. She just played

go, all those who have ever bullied you." Jackson had made up his mind this time. For the first time, he wanted to protect a woman.

it. Even though she hadn't seen it herself, she could guess the power

to do with me and they can't hurt me any longer." Said Cherry. She looked into Jackson's eyes, in all

Cherry could so easily let go of those who had hurt her in the past. Was she

her head, buried herself in Jackson's

take wedding photos tomorrow. The marriage certificate will be issued in a few days and our wedding party will be held in two weeks. These are grandpa's wishes, " said Jackson.

we'll do as grandpa wishes."

her mother, Emily and Jackson were the most important people. Although she didn't know Jackson well yet, she intended to live with him for

Cherry went to take wedding photos outdoors. After a

who was following them, kept on complaining that he was tired. Jackson gave

Jackson and Cherry home when they finished the photo shoot. As he was leaving, Derek couldn't help but complain, "It's

ignored his complaints.

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and Jackson's expression changed.

"Cherry, are you serious? Am I really

said, "Of course, I have

anything more, Jackson spoke coldly to him,

shrugged and said, "Okay, I'm

grabbed Cherry by her waist and

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