Ice and Fire

Chapter 16 A Call From Brother

In the morning, a ray of sunlight shone into the room. Two people were sleeping, lazily, on the bed.

Jackson was holding Cherry tightly, as if he was protecting the woman even when he was in deep sleep.

Cherry woke up slowly. Before she opened her eyes, she wanted to stretch her arms, but she felt that someone was holding her. She wanted to get rid of the arms. And when she moved her body, she felt pain in her private parts.

She immediately opened her eyes and saw the man beside her. She then recalled what happened last night.

She felt terribly ashamed and furious. She angrily patted Jackson's chest and said,"Jackson Chu, you are an asshole."

Clearly knowing what Cherry was referring to, Jackson chuckled to himself. This woman must have remembered what they did last night.

With a smile on his face, Jackson lovingly said,"So do you now admit that you are mine?"

This silly girl did not know that she actually had been his woman earlier. She did not even know that her virginity had been taken by this man.

"Who, me admit? I won't, anyhow." rebutted Cherry immediately. She had to defend herself, even though she knew her rebuttal did not sound convincing.

All of a sudden, Jackson turned over and pressed himself on Cherry. He looked into her eyes and in a serious voice, said,"Do you want to try it again? So that you will never forget?"

"No!" Cherry declined immediately. Looking into his eyes, she knew that he was not joking. She also realized that she would be the one to suffer if she still acted tough. This jerk could do anything to her.

She added in a tender voice,"Get away from me. I feel pain. So please don't bother me now."

look, Jackson thought she was indeed in pain. So he immediately lay down beside her and lovingly asked,"Is it really

what if it is?" Jackson, you are a beast," said Cherry. She

to serve me as my woman," Jackson said,

reply when her

arm, picked up her handbag, took out the phone and

and saw that the call was from Wilson Yuwen. She was excited and

Cherry, in a tender

on the other end of the call, Jackson felt envious. How could the woman be so tender

very tender. He asked,"Cherr, are you busy these days? How

had never felt such care from the Shen household. So hearing these warm words, she was touched and couldn't help but start crying.


people in the Shen household are not treating you well, come to me and

She replied,"I

Wilson Yuwen and her mother would worry about her after hearing this. So she decided to bear

by yourself? After I finish my doctoral course, I will come back home to give

excited. Wilson Yuwen would come back soon and he was the one she could depend on. At least, she would not have to bear her pain by herself when she was sad.

soon and come back," said


"Okay, bye."

He was always so tender to her, almost like her biological

herself under the quilt, Jackson

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