Ice and Fire

Chapter 19 She Got Slapped Again

Half an hour later, the butler hurriedly walked into the living room. Seeing him come back, Lucia stepped forward, seized his arm and asked,"Who is it? Have you found out? What's the reason behind it?"

The butler glanced at Lucia but did not say a word. He walked to Andrew, looked into his eyes, and said,"I've found out."

"Then why not speak it out?" said Andrew.

"Because, because..." said the butler hesitatingly. He seemed a bit worried, with his eyes darting towards Andrew from time to time.

"Say it." Andrew commanded him.

"The person who cancelled Mr. Ye's application for governorship was...was Jackson," said the butler. He then looked at Andrew, afraid that he would be angry.

"What? Jackson?" Andrew couldn't believe his ears. John was Jackson's nephew. Why would Jackson damage John's future?

"What...what did you say?" Lucia was a little frightened. She asked,"You mean Jackson gave the order?"

The butler looked at Lucia and nodded. He was sure of the answer. At first, he also couldn't believe it when he got the news. But he had confirmed the report several times before coming back to tell Andrew.

Lucia became even more agitated. She hastily walked to Andrew and said,"Grandpa, how could it be Jackson? John is his nephew. Why would he do this?"

Lucia couldn't make sense of it.

Andrew was also lost in thought. What was Jackson, his beloved grandson, up to? Why would he go against his nephew? If he was just having fun, it was okay. But he knew what kind of person his grandson was. He was a person who always stood by his word. But why did he do it this time?

After a while, Lucia suddenly said,"I get it. It must be because of Cherry."

What Lucia said confused Andrew even more. What on earth was going on?

Lucia continued,"All this has been done by Cherry. She is a flirt. She had once seduced John, but she then left him and married Jackson. It must be her who has turned Jackson against his nephew. Grandpa, I'm sure Cherry is to blame."

Lucia's hatred for Cherry increased by the moment. What a shameless woman she was! Lucia hadn't objected to her marriage with Jackson, but she hadn't imagined that Cherry would use him against John. She must be tired of living!

Andrew was still lost in thought. He couldn't understand why his grandson would give an order that damages John's future. What Lucia said made sense, and he was convinced by it, since he really couldn't find any other reason that would explain what had happened.

courtyard. What was this bloke doing, coming back

"Derek," shouted Andrew.

window and saw Andrew. In a happy voice, he hastily greeted,"How are you,

something to ask

Derek. He was a bit confused, and wondered what Andrew would ask him, since Jackson was not

these doubt on his mind, Derek timidly entered

living room, Derek saw Lucia and

Currently, the matter of her son was the most important issue, and

his head in response to Derek.

Andrew and respectfully said,"Grandpa, do

you come back alone? Where is

has been a bit busy recently, and he won't be coming back for some time," replied Derek, politely. He saw the stiffness on Andrew's face, so he guessed that he was

speak, Lucia interjected and asked Derek,"Derek, tell me, was Cherry the woman behind Jackson, who got him to give the order to

because John's application for governorship had been cancelled. It

to take notice of Lucia and Edwin, but he couldn't ignore Andrew. After all, he was the

to know what was going on.

know about this matter. I haven't been with Jackson recently and have no idea what is going on." Derek was not ready to tell the truth, because he was scared more of Jackson than Andrew. Moreover, as Jackson's buddy, he would certainly stand together with Jackson, even in

did?" said Andrew. He didn't believe what Derek had said and he knew that Derek was partial towards Jackson. However, now was the

me to have his wife,

say anything. What if something unfortunate

seeing that Derek was not going to answer, Andrew turned his head to the butler and said,"Go ask my granddaughter-in-law to come here. I will

said the butler and left.

something bad would happen. Looking at the stiffness on Andrew's face and the rage on Lucia's face, Derek clearly knew that something unfortunate was bound to happen if Cherry came

sent three messages in a row to Jackson, telling him to come back soon

got out of the car and opened the door for Cherry. Then Cherry

entered the living room, she was frightened when she saw the people who had gathered there. What had happened? Why were Lucia and Edwin here? And Derek was also here. What about Jackson? Was he also

curiosity and walked forward politely to greet Andrew,"How are you,

at Cherry and nodded. His granddaughter-in-law was

I want to ask you something," said

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