Ice and Fire

Chapter 20 Public Display Of Affection

When Jackson reached the door of the living room, he saw Cherry sprawled on the ground, her hair covering her face. He immediately realized that she had been bullied and he burst into rage. How dare they bully his wife when he was not around? They must be fed up with their peaceful life!

Ignoring his grandpa, Jackson went straight to Cherry. He slowly sat down, gently smoothed her hair behind her ears and was about to help her stand up.

But then he saw the scarlet hand-print on her face. He stopped, his eyes blazing with rage.

"Who did this?" Jackson demanded, angrily.

No one dared to talk. Cherry was too weak to say anything while Lucia was too scared to say anything. Derek said nothing, too. Anyway, it was Chu Clan's business. He as an outsider couldn't comment on it.

Andrew sat in his seat and looked at Jackson's angry face. He then understood how important the woman was in Jackson's heart. His grandson really cared about her. He could tell it from his reaction. He had never seen him so angry before.

Seeing Derek standing in front of Lucia, Jackson at once realized what was going on. It must be Lucia. Nobody else would have dared to do this.

"Lucia, you have to pay the price for what you have done," Jackson growled at his elder sister.

"Jackson, have you been enchanted by this woman? Why did you listen to her and force out your nephew? You know how hard it was for John to get where he is today," said Lucia. She tried to reason with Jackson.

"It was my order. It had nothing to do with her," said Jackson.

Both Lucia and Edwin were shocked by his words. Andrew too could not believe what he had heard. Was this only Jackson's idea?

"What? Was that your order?" asked Lucia, incredulously.

Jackson had absolutely no desire to explain it to Lucia. Lucia was not in a position to challenge his decision. He could do whatever he wanted and did not need to explain it to anyone.

Jackson lowered his head and looked at Cherry, heartbroken. He was even more annoyed by his grandpa. Didn't he know how important she was to him? How could he allow this to happen in his presence?

Jackson slowly lifted Cherry to his chest and whispered to her,"Don't be afraid. Everything is okay now."

Jackson was distressed when he imagined how terrified she must be.

Before leaving, Jackson looked at Andrew and fiercely said,"If this happens ever again, I'm sure you will never have a great-grandson."

This was the first time that Jackson had been angry with Andrew. And it was because of his woman.

Andrew was too shocked to say anything. He felt sad that his grandson had treated him like this. He just wasn't in control of the situation at this moment.

past him, holding Cherry in his arms.

stayed silent out of fear. Jackson was so angry that he would

the bed. Cherry still did not

heartbroken. He wanted to question her about her meeting with John while he was away. But when he saw her swollen

angry. Although Jackson had admitted that he was the

today was in vain. I just can't understand what spell that bitch has cast on the Chu Clan. Why are Jackson and grandpa both on her side?" With

John walked

do with her. It

have done it for her," said Lucia. She was sure that Cherry was the one

had heard their conversation and got to know

I don't care whether I can become the governor or not," said John. He had already given up. He knew his uncle well. Nobody could stop him from doing what he wanted to do.

continued,"It's about your future. How can I forget it? Besides, the Shen Clan will not let you marry Jean unless you become the governor. Jean will take charge of the Shen Group sooner or later. And it will

I don't love Jean at all. And I don't want the Shen Group," said Jackson,

Why don't you want it?" Lucia could hardly control

children sort out their own business,"

destroy my son's future. The slap on that bitch's face was only a warning. If my son fails to become the governor, I'll teach

her?" John

should you be distressed? She is your aunt now. Why do you still care about her? If it weren't for her, you wouldn't have been forced

could you hit her? She knew nothing about it." John yelled at

because of that woman and now you are yelling at me, too. What the hell is

tried his best to control his emotions. His mind was occupied by thoughts of Cherry now, knowing that she had

from Cherry!" With these

almost driven mad. Looking at John's receding figure,

in Jackson's arms, as Jackson applied ice to her

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Cherry nodded, obediently.

saw John's anxious face. Jackson's face

you doing here?" Jackson asked,

Before he could finish his sentence, John noticed Jackson's eyes blazing with rage. He quickly changed his words,"I'm here to

was about to

John pushed the door open and said to Jackson,"Uncle, I just want to say sorry to

words, Jackson could no longer restrain himself. He grabbed John

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