Ice and Fire

Chapter 23 Crack Outside The Door

Lucia spoke,"Grandpa, we're here today so that you can meet John's fiancee. If you think it's okay, Edwin and I plan to hold a wedding party for them."

"Oh, I see," said Andrew, as he looked at Jean standing next to John.

Jean was delighted when she saw Andrew's eyes turn to her. "Great-grandpa, how do you do? I'm Jean Shen and you can call me Jean," said Jean.

"Jean," said Andrew as he carefully observed her.

Jean continued,"Well, great-grandpa, if I'm married to John, the relationship between our two families will become closer, since I'm Cherry's elder sister and my father is Harrison Shen, the CEO of the Sheng Group."

"Oh, really?" It was obvious that Andrew was a bit surprised. He looked at Cherry and asked,"Cherry, is she your elder sister?"

"Yes Grandpa, she is."

"Ha, ha! The close relationship between the Shen family and our family seems to be really predestined."

"Then Grandpa, do you agree with their marriage?" asked Lucia.

Everyone in the living room looked at Andrew. If he nodded, this matter was a done deal. Even if John wanted to resist, it would not make any difference.

Jean anxiously looked at Andrew, since his decision would decide her future life.

Andrew did not answer. Instead, he turned to Jackson and asked with a smile on his face,"Jackson, what's your opinion? If you think it's okay, then it is okay."

Nobody could believe that Andrew had asked Jackson to make the final decision.

Jean immediately became nervous. The one who could decide her destiny was now Jackson instead of Andrew. She had some inkling of Jackson's way of doing things and she was no longer sure if she would end up marrying into the Ye family or not.

Jackson looked poised. He calmly asked Cherry, who was in his arms,"Darling, what's your view?"

Everyone was shocked again. John, who had been patient all this while, couldn't help but walk up to Cherry. He said,"Cherry...". He couldn't speak further and could only shake his head to indicate that he did not want this marriage.

Seeing John's anguished expression, Cherry knew at once that he did not want to marry Jean. His eyes were full of anxiety. It seemed that if he was forced to marry Jean, he would die at once.

Jean walked up to them and stood between Cherry and John when she saw what was going on. She wore a forced smile and said to Cherry,"Cherry, you will not destroy my happiness, will you?"

As she spoke, she suddenly grabbed Cherry's hand.

Jean's sudden movement. She looked at Jean and did not

felt Cherry's shiver. He immediately said to

hatred in Jackson's eyes scared Jean. She had to let Cherry

in the room became awkward. Jean didn't know what to do then. 'Cherry must have hated me. She loved John so

and politely said,"Grandpa, my sister is now the vice president of the Shen Group. She has good capacity for working and her appearance is also good enough to match John. What's more, John and

had given Andrew her answer. Jackson was surprised by the woman in his arms. She had really expressed herself well. Her words made the

all right," said Andrew with a grin on his face. "It is settled then. Lucia and Edwin, choose a good day to

said Lucia,

John wanted to say something.


and said,"I want to let them go

in her life, wearing her wedding dress. And Jade felt dizzy with success. Nothing else could make her happier since his daughter could marry the deputy governor.

who was standing discreetly in a corner, watched the bride and groom not far away, happily walk up to the wedding stage

had never cared about it until she had robbed her most beloved man. All her anger burst out then. And even if he had regretted it, she could have

painful day, she was here to see their wedding and the dazzling moment in person. The light of their happiness

every movement was being watched by Jackson. Her slightly shivering shoulders made Jackson's heart ache. She still couldn't get that man out of her heart.

days went by. Cherry had stopped working at the Shen Group. She became a full-time housewife who was responsible for taking good care of her husband. When she was free, she would go to the bar to meet Emily. They would have a few drinks and go shopping together. Life

there was nothing special going on at the barracks, Jackson would go back home at night. His beloved woman was at home, and he couldn't bear not seeing

the morning, when Cherry woke up, she found that Jackson was still asleep

woke up Jackson,"Wake

I'll sleep a little longer," murmured


and planned a fancy breakfast

woke up and saw he was alone in the bed, he got angry. He wondered where the hell had

of breakfast wafted to his nostrils. He was happy at

went downstairs and into the kitchen, where he saw Cherry cooking porridge. He went


you get up so early?" murmured Jackson

have slept enough. Go brush your teeth and wash your face. We'll have breakfast in a few minutes." said Cherry. She sounded just like an

on her cheek

that, he let her

her head and smiled happily.

love between them, there was so much happiness.

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