Ice and Fire

Chapter 26 Stay With Me

Stephen took Cherry to his office and had her sit on the sofa. He took out a medicine bag and applied ointment on Cherry's wounded hand.

"Is it hot water that hurt your hand?" Stephen asked.

"Yes. It was an accident," Cherry said.

"How have you been recently?

It seems like you are feeling a bit blue," said Stephen. What he wanted was the truth, instead of his guesses.

"No. I'm good." Cherry wanted to cover her depression, but she couldn't.

"Does Jackson stay at home?" Stephen kept asking. He had not heard the truth yet.

"He... he... he went back to the army barracks." Cherry did not know how to lie glibly, so that Stephen would not figure out the truth.


Does he know you are hurt?" Stephen wouldn't stop asking questions.

Cherry replied, impatiently,"Could you stop mentioning him?"

Then she pulled back her hand, even before Stephen had finished applying the ointment.

"He treated you badly, didn't he?"

Stephen asked, bluntly.

"We married before we fell in love with each other. Did you imagine we would live happily?" Cherry answered, opening up. She did not want to hide things anymore.

Stephen didn't say anything. He kept looking at Cherry, encouraging her to go on.

Cherry paused and looked away. Then she said, in a weak voice,"He doesn't love me. But why is he finding it so difficult to stay with me?"

Stephen understood what she meant. Jackson was most probably having an affair. But Stephen also knew that Jackson wasn't that kind of a person. Even though Jackson did not love Cherry, as a soldier, he would not choose to have an affair post marriage.

Suddenly, something occurred to Stephen. He was reminded of the one thing and the one person he had nearly forgotten about. Had she come back?

"Well, has she come back?" said Stephen, with hesitation.

"Do you know her?"

Cherry looked at Stephen curiously. After meeting him several times, she had realized that Stephen and Jackson might be sharing secrets. She hadn't paid more attention to that because she did not know Jackson at all. But Stephen might know who Sally He was, otherwise he would not have asked that question.

Stephen looked into Cherry's eyes and said,"She is Sally He."

Cherry didn't say anything.

Stephen realized that his guess was right. He looked away and said,"She was the one who Jackson would die for. Now she has finally come back."

Cherry still kept silent. She understood that Jackson loved Sally He the most.

and asked,"Did Jackson dump you and

complicated emotion when he asked the question. He felt sorry for Cherry, but at the same time, his heart was tugged by her. He wanted to protect her, although he had no idea whether it was because of his feelings for her, or if it was because he wanted to get back at

kept silent.

she said, slowly,"We did not fall in love with each other, so it is

If they continued this conversation, Cherry would definitely feel more depressed.

your hand, I'll help you with the

hand forward and


out where

Stephen ordered.

Who dared to investigate powerful people like

is my order. I'll handle it if anything goes wrong," Stephen

Stephen's assurance, the assistant finally

the seaside villa at high speed. Looking at the

knocked on

Jackson opened the door. He was surprised to see Stephen

"How did you...?"

are you so surprised?" asked

out about this place?" asked Jackson.

exists, I'll find it," said Stephen. "Jackson



in to

An, you have not come here for a cup of tea, have you?" Jackson was guessing that Stephen had somehow found out that Sally He had

to see who you are hiding." Stephen looked at Jackson

collar and said, coldly,"Stephen An, you have

said,"I have gone too far? You are having fun with Sally He here, but what about Cherry? You left her at home alone. Have you thought

your business."said

don't want to talk about our old scores. Tell me, how on earth do you define your relationship with Cherry? If you don't like her, I'll take her away from you. I will not endure it if she suffers." Stephen finally admitted that he had come here for Cherry. He felt sorry for her when he thought

impossible, don't you

my wife. Isn't it

Asked Jackson.

know she is your wife, Then what are you doing

"You stay with

Stephen angrily,"Besides,

Just then, Sally He

"Stephen An?"

was a bit surprised,"Why

surprised to see Sally He, but he kept calm. "Sally He, good to see

come to see Jackson,

He said, gently.

heard that you had come back and

know I had

thought only Derek Lu and Jackson knew that

she had

this question," said Stephen, as he turned to Jackson. "He

Jackson shouted angrily,"Did you meet

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