Ice and Fire

Chapter 28 Divorce Agreement (Part One)

John looked at Cherry and asked,"Is it because of Sally He? Has she come back?"

When John mentioned Sally He, Jackson was shocked and wondered how John had guessed it right.

Cherry could not believe this. She looked at John and asked,"Do you also know her?"

Hearing Cherry's question, John knew that he wasn't wrong. John was now certain that Sally He had come back, because she was the only person, for whom Uncle Jackson could give up everything. So many years had passed, but Sally He was still very important to Jackson. Several years ago, Jackson had stood against everyone to protect Sally He. He had even asked his great-grandfather to order her protection. Now, Sally He had come back, so Jackson did not care about Cherry anymore. Jackson could only love one woman and that woman was Sally He.

John did not answer Cherry's question. Instead, he looked at Jackson and, with irony, said,"Uncle Jackson, after so many years, you've changed but you still love the same woman."

Jackson did not know what to say when he heard this.

"Many years ago, you stood against everyone for Sally He. And now she is back. Will you go back to her?" John looked into Jackson's eyes and was not afraid of him at all.

Cherry listened and suddenly felt that John knew more about Jackson's history than Stephen. But then, she thought that made sense. After all, John was Jackson's nephew, so how could he not know these things?

leave?" Cherry did not know why she asked this question, but

John finished his sentence, he received a heavy

face angrily. John began to resist and


from Cherr?" John dodged Jackson's punch and said,"I'll take

woman. Don't you

you mean Cherr or Sally He?" John

her, I'll kill you at once!" Jackson's eyes were filled with anger, which showed that

the two and thought to herself, 'They are not fighting for me. They are

Cherry felt dead inside. She wondered whether she had longed for too many things. She now hated herself. Why had she fallen in love with Jackson? If she had not, she wouldn't be so sad now. Instead, she wouldn't care

a while, Cherry wiped away

head and looked up at the sky to prevent her tears from falling down. She told herself,"Cherry, just give up. Jackson will never belong

had been sitting on the sofa at home, waiting for Jackson to come back. However, Jackson hadn't been home for quite some time, so she did not know whether he would

Jackson entered the living room and switched on the light. When he

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