Ice and Fire

Chapter 29 Divorce Agreement (Part Two)

"Come on, Cherry! I know I have been ignoring you these days. Could you please give me some time? I can assure you that I'll handle this thing. Now, let's go upstairs, okay? It's ten o'clock and let's go and rest," Jackson said. Then he pulled Cherry by her arm and wanted to go upstairs.

"Jackson!" Cherry shouted. She stood up but she had no intention to go upstairs.

Jackson helplessly looked at Cherry and did not know what he should do to make her happy.

"Will you go to see Sally He after I fall asleep?" Cherry looked into Jackson's eyes and asked.

Jackson had to admit that it was exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to leave after Cherry had fallen asleep. Actually, he had meant to leave after he had accompanied Cherry for a while. When he was not around, Sally He might make trouble.

Cherry looked at the silent Jackson and thought she had guessed right.

Cherry helplessly laughed, looked at Jackson and said,"Jackson, you really keep one eye on the bowl and the other on the pan. Do you want me to wait for you when you are with the other woman?"

Jackson looked at Cherry and his heart ached. It was his fault that he had not taken good care of her. But he had no other choice. If Cherry gave him more time, he would definitely make arrangements for Sally He. After that, he would spend more time with Cherry and take good care of her.

document and handed it to Jackson, saying,"This is our

had dropped a bomb.

he had just heard, so he asked again. He thought to himself, 'What?

Then she continued,"Since you love that other woman, I can help you and let you be with her. Haven't you waited for her for so many years? Now that

as usual, was icy-cold. He was dissatisfied

other, I really thank you for having accompanied me all these days. I know myself clearly. Since Sally He has

Cherry said this, her heart ached. Only she knew that she did not want to leave Jackson and their home. She wondered, 'Where could I go after I leave here? I can't go back

and threw it on the ground. He glowered at Cherry and yelled,"Cherry Shen! Do you

couldn't control her emotions. So she went one step further, approached Jackson and said,"Jackson, can't you divorce me by using your considerable power and

limits!" Jackson was serious. He would never divorce this woman.

with a wry smile,"Aren't you tired? Even if you are not, I'm quite

to argue with Cherry, nor did he want to be angry at her. He really cherished her, so how could he be angry at

that we

not resist him and instead followed him upstairs.

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